Total Economic Impact of Tinyclues
632% ROI and $82M in additional campaign revenue.
An independent study conducted by Forrester.

Maximizing Campaign Revenue & Customer Engagement
While Sending Less Emails




Holland & Barrett


Holland and Barrett is one of the world’s leading health and wellness retailers and the largest in Europe. They have over 145 years of experience in the industry, more than 1300 stores across 16 countries and an annual revenue of 640 million euros.


  • Campaign Productivity
  • Strategic Promotions
  • Lower Unsubscribes
Campaign Revenue
Since we've started using Tinyclues, our campaign revenue has increased by 27% while sending 23% less emails.
Richard Lallo
Head of Digital Marketing

Context and Challenges

  • Wanted to maximize campaign revenue without increasing customer fatigue and unsubscribes.
  • Sought to promote a very broad product range (9000+ SKUs) across multiple categories and manage a busy omnichannel campaign plan.
  • Needed to manage a huge amount of data and complexity.
  • Looking to optimize their marketing resources.

Solution and Use Cases

  • Now able to leverage all available marketing campaign opportunities with Tinyclues’ campaign intelligence solution and act on any product without increasing fatigue.
  • Able to find just the right buyers for their strategic offers like the Penny Deal and Buy One Get Half Off.
  • Optimized their campaign plan using intelligent orchestration capabilities.
  • Added 25+ relevant and efficient campaigns to their monthly campaign plan, improving engagement and satisfaction rates.


  • Measured a 27% increase in campaign revenue while sending 23% less emails.
  • Increased email open rates by 19% due to improved message relevancy.