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Thanks to Tinyclues, we can now communicate efficiently on any Kenzo product. Our messages are much more relevant and better targeted. We also measured a significant email-to-store effect with an increase in online and offline sales.

Aurélie Andrieu
CRM & Customer Experience Director

Campaign revenue


Tinyclues is at the heart of our CRM, enabling my team to target and optimize more than 1500 campaigns per year, driving millions of revenue per year. It has a big impact on our strategy and our revenue.

David Nedzela
Digital Marketing Director

Campaign revenue


A large retailer with millions of customers and advanced relationship marketing strategies uses Tinyclues to reinvent its marketing campaigns and generate over $9 million in additional campaign revenue — with an ROI of 199%.

“Even in the middle of a migration from Emarsys to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the setup went better than expected. In less than a month, we were able to reconcile data, automate flows, and launch our first campaigns. We didn’t even need to go through IT!”

Benoît Garnéro, CRM Manager

Campaign revenue in stores


We wanted to improve the effectiveness of our campaigns by matching product communications more closely with what each of our customers would buy and ultimately boost our revenue online and in-store.

Jean-Francois Louviaux
Chief Marketing Officer CRM/e-Commerce

Campaign revenue


The results are extremely positive in terms of additional revenue and margin generated. On average across all the A/B test campaigns, Tinyclues generated 87% additional revenue with the same volume of messages! At the same time, unsubscribe rates dropped by 17%! It shows that our communications with Tinyclues were highly targeted and relevant.

Julien-Henri Maurice
Chief Marketing and Digital Officer

Revenue per email


Tinyclues gives us the operational capability to target the future buyers for specific products and themes. It’s a much better experience for our customers, without sacrificing revenue.

Head of Loyalty

Conversion Rate


Sally Beauty used Tinyclues’ to improve and scale targeting, effectively manage fatigue, and find audiences for an enormous volume of products helping us to achieve our goal of keeping the customer at the center of every decision.

VP Customer Marketing

Campaign revenue


Tinyclues is perfectly aligned with CDON’s mission to be as relevant as possible, and to provide and present products that are really a good fit for our customers’ needs.

Henrik Jarl
Chief Marketing Officer

Tinyclues takes us back to the basics of marketing: pushing the right product to the right person at the right time. Tinyclues’ technology allows us to do just that. We used to think that the product mix is not easy to do with a classic CRM solution, but Tinyclues might be a solution for this on the email channel.

Capucine Boutin, Marketing & Communication Manager

Number of orders


Without Tinyclues, we would have missed more than 60% of campaign revenue during a major sale period. Tinyclues has become essential for us to send relevant campaigns with a strong impact on both online and in-store sales

Christophe Muël
Head of Client Marketing

Purchases in partner marketing campaigns


“We use Tinyclues on all of our campaigns. It allowed us to scale our marketing plan without increasing fatigue by communicating at a product, brand or category level. We can even find buyers for specific perfume sizes!”

Véronique Lombardo, CRM & Data Manager

Increase in sales


Thanks to Tinyclues’ solution, we’re finding the future customers for our products, and the effect is immediate… We’ve seen the results very quickly: number of sales grew by 55% on average and revenue per message by 67%.

Sandrine Landon
CRM & Digital Communications Manager

We chose Tinyclues because we wanted to bring to life the 70% of our products that are hardly ever featured in our marketing campaigns, without hurting customer experience.

Emilie Maunoury
Digital, eCommerce and CRM Director

Revenue per message


We are in an essential phase of digital transformation and we want to excel in personalizing our customer communications to increase campaign impact, that’s why we chose Tinyclues.

Mélodie Charles
Customer Marketing Director



We’ve also seen an impact on the way we work. We’ve started to organize ourselves very differently. This has allowed everyone to evolve in their roles and to work differently within the company.

Caroline Étienne
Head of CRM

Campaign revenue


With Tinyclues, we can now send relevant campaigns for any product in our catalog. Not only did we more than double our campaign revenue, we also now offer a more personalized experience to our clients while decreasing unsubscribes by 62%.

Mayalis Nabolsi
Client Marketing Director



For almost any event – even a niche one – we can find the right audience among our customers and propose them relevant content. As a result, an increasing proportion of our revenue comes from CRM, which has a greater margin rate than sales generated by paid traffic.

Marketing Director of France Billet & Fnac Spectacles

Campaign revenue


Thanks to Tinyclues, Manor’s online campaign revenue has grown by +21%, and campaign-driven store revenue has gone up as well.

Head of CRM

Garance B.CRM Manager

Complete and powerful tool for segmented campaigns

User Luxury Goods & Jewelry

Tinyclues has been an extremely helpful tool in both planning and deploying our email strategy.
Without these tools, we would not have the insight to create tailored campaigns that compliment larger brand messages and ultimately help improve engagement and revenue metrics.

Clémence B.Relationship Marketing Director

We have more than doubled our revenue from marketing campaigns.

Sofie B.CRM Campaign Planner
TUI Belgium

Tinyclues is a user friendly tool that helps optimizing turnover by refining the campaign planning

Justine C.Chargée de CRM

Powerful insights that help you target the right audience
Tinyclues allows you, as a marketer, to save a huge amount of time. It really helps you to focus on the message content while choosing the best audience thanks to the Artificial Intelligence.

David N.Digital Marketing Director
Fnac Darty

Tinyclues is at the heart of our CRM, enabling my team to target and optimize more than 1500 campaigns per year, driving millions of revenue per year.
It has a big impact on our strategy and our revenue.

Fanny V.Campaign Manager

2 great years with Tinyclues – more are coming

  • Create a powerful segmentation in short time
  • The platform is really easy to use
  • Possibility to handle the marketing pressure for email very easily

UserLeisure, Travel & Tourism

Great tool, awesome support, valuable insight!
The team is always ready and available to help me find new ways to optimize usage. Will go out of their way to help with industry best practices (especially during covid times) as well as the tool itself that really allows us to see how our database behaves.

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