The Tinyclues Way

Our secret sauce, created by world-class mathematicians.

Use deep learning to bridge the gap from raw customer data to successful marketing actions.


The data

Intelligence that learns the specifics of your business from raw, first-party data.


The intelligence

Turns dataset complexity into an advantage by capturing latent information from all attributes and tables.

Multi-layer unsupervised extraction & structuring of implicit clues

Zero preconception
Works on any product
Privacy by design

The solution

Complex technology.
Simple user-friendly solution.

No bulky interface
No complex rules
No data normalization
No long deployment

Deep learning at work

Pat will buy FIFA 21 in November.
How does Tinyclues know?

Because Tinyclues is the only solution that applies the predictive power of deep learning to marketing databases.

Bought SKU “TS9085” 5 months ago

A hoverboard. Not the same category but activates a latent “kids stuff” feature in the deep learning.

Clicked link #23 in your Newsletter 2 weeks ago

While this wasn’t properly tagged in the data, deep learning automatically identified a latent “holiday” feature.

First Name = “PAT”

“Patricia” was a popular name in the 60s. Deep learning automatically finds that those shortening it to “Pat” are more likely to buy a product like this.

Millions of other “tiny clues”

All attributes are simultaneously analyzed using patterns unique to your business.

Zipcode = 59835

Deep learning identifies that FIFA is not popular with residents of Houston, TX right now.

Bought SKU “CB9087” 2 months ago

Downtown Abbey DVD box set. Deep learning finds no correlation with Pat’s likelihood to buy a video game.