CMOs & Marketing Leaders

CMOs have shifted from a position focused on brand-building activities to leading everything—from branding and communications, to technology investments, innovation, data, and operations. To thrive, CMOs need to seamlessly tailor these components to engage customers and orchestrate strategies that unite with the business, drive strategic outcomes and feed long-term relationships with customers.

Exceed revenue goals without compromising your approach and be the strategic leader your organization needs.

Enable your team’s best work

  • Put insights directly into the hands of those who need to act and empower your teams to take effective data-led business decisions, every day.
  • Increase efficiency across the board and streamline cross-team collaboration with easy access to insights and a solution for everyone—from campaign managers to merchandisers to your analyst team.
  • Allow your teams to focus on strategy by reducing manual time and processes for setting up and executing marketing campaigns.

Improve marketing ROI and campaign performance

  • Drive significant campaign revenue uplifts and grow all customer marketing metrics that matter most to your business and to your customers’ happiness.
  • Reach your goals, fast. Tinyclues is designed to provide value in weeks, not months. No learning curve, no added sophistication, little IT workload.
  • Deliver on any strategic demands and become a better partner for your organization.

Drive excellent customer experience

  • Retain customers by engaging them with relevant campaigns and foster growth through happy customers.
  • React intelligently to both overt signals—“this customer put this product in their cart” and latent signals held within dynamic, behavioral customer data.
  • Deliver personalized experiences that resonate with your customers’ shifting emotions, attitudes, and preferences and get long-term results.

Ian di TullioSVP of Guest Services

“Using digital to improve personalization is at the heart of our strategy. For us it’s a matter of combining economic efficiency with customer experience. Choosing Tinyclues’ solution is in line with this as it uses both artificial intelligence and smart marketing. This collaboration enables us to implement efficient personalized marketing campaigns and communications tailored to the needs of every one of our customers.”

Emilie MaunouryDigital, eCommerce and CRM Director

“We chose Tinyclues because we wanted to bring to life the 70% of our products that are hardly ever featured in our marketing campaigns, without hurting customer experience.”

Steve AugustVP, Marketing
Road Scholar

“We can’t just rely on behavioral segments or someone’s purchase history. Tinyclues accurately identifies the individuals who are really interested in each particular adventure, enabling us to be even more customer-centric.”

Aurélie AndrieuCRM & Customer Experience Director

“Thanks to Tinyclues, we can now communicate efficiently on any Kenzo product. Our messages are much more relevant and better targeted. We also measured a significant email-to-store effect with an increase in online and offline sales.”

Mélodie CharlesCustomer Marketing Director

“We are in an essential phase of digital transformation, and we want to excel in personalizing our customer communications to increase campaign impact, that’s why we chose Tinyclues.”

Caroline ÉtienneHead of CRM
Chantelle Lingerie

“We’ve also seen an impact on the way we work. We’ve started to organize ourselves very differently. This has allowed everyone to evolve in their roles and to work differently within the company.”

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