E-commerce & Category Managers

Confidently answer the questions
that matter to your impact

Tinyclues’ excels in learning which product and offers will resonate with your customers, which customers would be most interested in your offer, and where actionable insights tell you the most efficient path to market for every offer in your catalog.

Who are my customers? What are their needs and motivations?
What products and categories are they most interested in?
How can I market offers in my catalog?
How can I best serve partner brands and align trade relationships and customer needs?

Build data-driven merchandising strategies around your business goals.

Make data-driven decisions,
every time

  • Gain access to out-of-the-box insights powered by deep learning that would take a team of data analysts weeks if not months to build.
  • Understand which types of products or categories in your catalog attract which customers and tailor experiences accordingly.
  • Discover missed opportunities in your catalog and benefit from recommendations on how to promote them.

CRM Campaigns that works

Leverage a solution purpose-built for commercial results

  • Curate topics and tailor campaigns around business goals that matter most to you—accelerate clearance initiatives, promote strategic categories, push seasonal offers, answer demands from trade marketing partners, and more.
  • Cross-check products and audiences without complex marketing & data workflows.
  • Identify offers showing high levels of customer demand and build high-performing offer mixes to cross‑ and upsell with data‑led recommendations.

Work better with your partners

  • Align other departments and business stakeholders using insights everyone can use and a platform everyone can understand.
  • Optimize trade and co-op relationships and team up with your partners and brands to drive demand for those specific products you want to push, generating additional revenue streams.
  • Empower sales representatives with insights and product recommendations, share KPIs across your organization, and ensure your strategy is put into action.

Merchandising Manager
Leading French online retailer

“We use Tinyclues’ insight features to curate campaign topics and cross-sell and upsell opportunities. We also select the products and categories we want to highlight based on open flash sales, stock levels and product popularity and purchases in previous campaigns. We then provide the CRM & marketing teams with a weekly campaign topic plan. This allows us to make sure campaigns are aligned with our business goals”

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