Frequently Asked Questions

Tinyclues in a Nutshell

What is Tinyclues?

Tinyclues is a CRM Marketing Technology solution that lets you take CRM Audience Building, Targeting & Campaign Planning to the next level with the power of Deep Learning at your fingertips.

With Tinyclues you can predict, at all times, the propensity of any of your customers to buy any of your products or offerings down to the SKU level. Deliver more targeted campaigns and elevate revenue per campaign with an individualized approach that’s customer centric.

These capabilities are delivered through a beautifully simple interface, easy to use without data science skills. Tinyclues easily connects into your existing stack and implementation is quick with some clients seeing ROI in a matter of weeks.

Once you use Tinyclues, you’ll never go back.

What kind of businesses use Tinyclues?

Our clients are mostly CRM marketing teams at B2C Retail, E-commerce, Travel or Hospitality companies with upwards of 100K active customers.

Is Tinyclues for me?

Tinyclues is for you if:
– You want to create more personalized campaigns to improve customer centricity
– You are challenged with the volume of campaigns you need to send due to stakeholder and business requests
– You want to implement a targeted campaign strategy
– You want to improve your targeted campaign strategy because you are unsatisfied with the results and the efficiency of your audience building process
– You need to improve operational efficiencies and collaboration

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What results can I expect from Tinyclues?

Within 3 months (setup included!) you can see:
– A significant lift in CRM campaign revenue (and other engagement KPIs)
– A decrease in unsubscribes and opt-outs
– An increase in your team’s productivity

How your productivity and effectiveness will improve:
– You’ll be empowered to make strategic, data-driven decisions about campaign planning really easily – CRM marketing doesn’t have to be reactive!
– New campaign use cases will become possible (eg, sending ultra niche campaigns)
– Satisfying conflicting requests from you organization will become easy

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How does Tinyclues’ tech work?

Tinyclues’ Artificial Intelligence engine (Deep Learning to be more specific) learns from your 1st-party data using both explicit behaviors and implicit signals to predict buying intent for each of your offerings with unparalleled precision. Discover unexpressed buying intent down to SKU level to target as many campaigns as you want.

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Tinyclues and your Marketing Stack

Is Tinyclues a CDP?

Tinyclues is not a CDP.

If you have one, that’s great! Tinyclues is complementary with all CDPs. Tinyclues can ingest data directly from your CDP layering on powerful intelligence that can identify intent for each of your products so you can build high-propensity audiences for targeting.

If you don’t, that’s not a problem! Tinyclues has been designed to ingest 1st-party data no matter where it sits.

Is Tinyclues an ESP?

Tinyclues is not an ESP – it’s a layer of intelligence that can supercharge your ESP with additional capabilities not found in any marketing cloud in market. You would use Tinyclues for campaign planning and targeting capabilities, but you would still send your campaigns from your ESP and other activation platforms (for text, push, etc)

Where does Tinyclues fit in my tech stack?

Tinyclues is an intelligence layer that sits between your data and activation systems. It’s designed to easily connect into your existing stack so you can identify demand for each of your products using your data and then build audiences for targeting across your activation platforms.

Is Tinyclues compatible with my ESP / CDP / tech stack?

Tinyclues is compatible and easy to integrate with any tech stack, including ESPs, CDPs, etc.

Tinyclues’ time to value

How long does it take to implement Tinyclues?

Setup takes 4 weeks only, and can be even faster (down to a couple days!) if your CRM data is stored in Google Cloud Platform.

How long does the training take?

Your marketing team can learn how to navigate the UI in just an hour or two. It’s really that simple. A Tinyclues Customer Success manager will help you integrate it into your strategy so you are set up for success. Most clients become adept at building and sending strategic campaigns in as little as a few weeks.

How long does it take to see a lift on revenue KPIs with Tinyclues?

Within 3 months (setup included!). Many clients actually realize ROI in the first few weeks. There is no 6-month or year-long ramp-up time with Tinyclues. Implementation is short and the platform is easy to master.

Tinyclues and your CRM Practices

Is Tinyclues easy to use?

Yes! Tinyclues has been designed to put the power of data science in the hands of marketers. Tinyclues’ UI is powerful, but very straightforward. Campaigns can be created in minutes with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Can Tinyclues help me improve CRM revenue?

Absolutely, Tinyclues’ purpose is to help CRM teams improve CRM revenue and customer experience.

Although the platform can help you optimize KPIs such as clicks, the power is really behind being able to optimize conversions. By identifying demand for each of your products, you can deliver better targeted campaigns that are designed to convert.

Can Tinyclues help me improve Open Rate and CTR?

Absolutely. Tinyclues defaults to optimizing revenue, which is not always completely correlated with open rate or CTR (think about all the openers-non-buyers!).

However, if you’d rather optimize for a different success metric, this is just a setting to change during the setup.

Can Tinyclues help me improve customer experience?

Tinyclues’ purpose is to help CRM teams improve both CRM revenue and customer experience. Tinyclues’ AI is designed to identify the offers your customers want to purchase. That way your customers are receiving communications for things they want to buy. The end result is a decrease in unsubscribes, activation of lapsed customers, and an increase in CLTV

What channels can we use Tinyclues for?

You can use Tinyclues to target based on buying intent for all your CRM channels: email, text, push notifications, Facebook custom audiences, direct mail, call center, and more. You can also manage multi-channel campaigns directly from the UI and manage pressure across your channels so you can keep an eye on fatigue.

Can Tinyclues handle my triggers?

Tinyclues does not handle CRM triggers at the moment – marketing automation platforms do a great job at this!

Tinyclues will empower your CRM team to plan, orchestrate and target ad-hoc campaigns – the ones that make up roughly 90% of CRM communications sent by any organization, and for which marketing automation solutions can’t help. Many clients with access to trigger-based campaigns still rely heavily on batch & blast. Tinyclues can help you target and personalize 100% of your campaigns.

We don’t have a segmentation in place. Can we still use Tinyclues?

You don’t need a segmentation to use Tinyclues.

In fact, we strongly believe that segments have limited value for CRM campaign targeting: while a segmentation is better than sending batch & blast campaigns, it still treats large groups of your customer base the same. Real individualization and personalization means targeting each of your customers uniquely and segments can’t do that.

So if you’re about to launch a segmentation project for CRM purposes, get in touch with us first! You’ll be able to unlock a more effective targeting solution that will generate ROI for you much faster than segmentation solutions.

Does Tinyclues handle pressure management?

Yes, Tinyclues is the best way to manage pressure management across your campaigns.

For example, you can specify that no customer should receive more than 3 campaigns a week, or more than 1 campaign a day. The solution then allocates customers to the best campaigns for them, based on propensity to buy. The result is less campaign fatigue and a reduction in unsubscribes.

Can we keep our current email templates with Tinyclues?

Absolutely, you do not have to make any changes to your templates and they don’t have to be migrated to our platform.

You would would use Tinyclues for campaign planning, audience building, and targeting; not to create or edit templates.

Tinyclues and your marketing organization

Who in my organization will use Tinyclues?

Tinyclues will primarily be used by your CRM team to:
1. Strategically build campaigns
2. Generate optimal audiences for each campaign
3. Send more targeted campaigns and elevate revenue
4. Manage pressure and reduce fatigue

Some features can however be useful more broadly across the organization, like our Efficiency Map which is a really handy visualization of customer demand across your product catalog. We see CMOs and merchandising teams using this a lot!

Additionally, it frees your data science team up from the repetitive task of building segments so they can focus on more strategic projects.

I have a data science team creating CRM segments and who can identify buying intent. Why would I need Tinyclues?

Data Scientists are crucial to your business. Nevertheless, Tinyclues has consistently out-performed in-house data science models in A/B tests.

Tinyclues has spent 10 years developing the most advanced Deep Learning models with a fully staffed R&D team that has been dedicated to this. It may be possible for an in-house data science team them to identify intent for 1 or 2 campaigns…but it’s impossible for an in-house team to scale targeting for 10, 50, or 100 campaigns each week.

And performance is not the whole picture – with Tinyclues, CRM teams also gain in autonomy and agility (no need to wait on data science bandwidth to build audiences).

Lastly, audience-building is a tedious, low-value task for data scientists. Would it not be worth it for your organization to free up some of their bandwidth for projects with higher business impact?

What kind of support does Tinyclues provide?

You will have access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager right from the start and as long as you are a Tinyclues customer! They will provide training and best practices / strategy guidance to your team so that you are getting the most possible value from the platform. Tinyclues’ CS team is made up of individuals with a deep knowledge of CRM strategy and are there to give you dedicated support.

Tinyclues’ AI

Is Tinyclues real AI?


Everybody knows that AI is a tired buzzword, and it’s vague enough that a lot of companies refer to their simple if/then algorithms as “AI.”

But our Data Science team has developed state-of-the-art Deep Learning algorithms specifically dedicated to predicting real propensity to buy in the context of relational CRM databases. And, it’s able to do this down to the SKU level while identifying demand in the moment so your campaigns reach audiences ready to buy.

For more details about the definitions of AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, please refer to this article!

Seasonality has a very high impact on our business. How does this impact Tinyclues’ efficiency?

Let’s face it: seasonality impacts close to 100% of brands, even though some are more subject to seasonality than others.

And it’s one more reason to use Tinyclues!

Our algorithms are designed to detect changes in consumption patterns in near real time, and adapt the predictions accordingly. If you create an audience for the exact same campaign once in June, and another time in December, you’ll get two very different audiences. That’s because it won’t be the same customers who will be interested in a specific offer at different times of the year.

This also makes Tinyclues’ performance particularly efficient in case of non-seasonal changes in the market (Covid-19 for example).

Has Tinyclues’ AI efficiency been impacted by the changes in behavior induced by Covid?

Not at all. Our algorithms are designed to detect changes in consumption patterns in real time, and adapt the predictions accordingly. This means that your Tinyclues campaigns are always perfectly customer-centric, even when there are massive market changes (like Covid) or much more subtle ones (natural evolution of purchasing patterns, seasonality, etc).

Tinyclues and your data

What data does Tinyclues use to make predictions?

Tinyclues leverages all your first-party customer data. More specifically:
– Customer data
– Catalog of product or destinations
– Transaction history
– Email campaign logs
– Browsing history
– And more!

If you don’t have access to these data sets or access to additional data not listed that’s great; Tinyclues can use any 1st-party data you have access to infom its predictive AI.

Our data is all over the place and we don’t have a CDP. Can we use Tinyclues?


Tinyclues was built on the premise that clean, organized data isn’t available to everyone. Nobody has the luxury to wait a year or more until they finally have a CDP in place before starting to activate their customer base.

If you think your data is all over the place, so did 99% of our customers when they started using Tinyclues. We’ll take it as it is, and as a bonus, setup is rapid and requires relatively few internal resources.

Is Tinyclues GDPR-compliant? Does the AI require PII for optimization?

Yes, Tinyclues is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant. Tinyclues does not require any PII nor does the platform even accept it. All data is hashed before it is ingested. Tinyclues’ privacy capabilities have been tested by clients and found to be completely sound with no risk of a breach.

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