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Marketers are constantly pulled in many directions and need to respond to ever-changing requests from their organizations that can’t be automated.

We have excess inventory on this hard to sell product line
This is a killer offer, but not everyone will like it
One of our key partners is paying for this sponsored campaign
I have no idea which topics will inspire my customers today
This 48 hr flash sale starts tomorrow!!
Management wants us to push this category, but our campaign plan is full

Solutions for the retail industry

From retailers to fashion leaders and department stores, Tinyclues empowers retail marketers to scale their customer marketing plan and respond to business requests from trade, e-commerce, and product teams.

Drive online and in-store sales

Find the perfect match between offers you want to promote and customers in your base and drive demand and conversions, both on- and offline.

Level up your partner campaigns

Team up with your partners and your merchandising team by driving demand for the specific products they want to push, generating additional revenue streams.

Increase the reach of niche campaigns

Generate new business opportunities and revenue uplifts from niche items by increasing campaign volumes with buyers who were impossible to find before.

Re-engage inactive customers

Find inactive customers from your base who could be led to repurchase with compelling anti-churn campaigns.

Identify high-potential products in your catalog

Identify offers showing high levels of customer demand and build high-performing offer mixes to cross- and upsell with data-led recommendations.

Accelerate clearance initiatives

Identify the customers across your entire database who are most likely to engage with clearance offers for old products, surplus inventory or other recurring flash sales.

Promote any product

Launch a new product, promote at brand and category level, and even target down to SKU level.

Your step-by-step success plan

Map out customer demand

Understand dynamic demand patterns across all your customers and offers.

Map out customer demand thanks to the Audience Mapper

Predict successful topics

Anticipate how effective each topic will be and detect gaps in your marketing plan.

Identify the best audiences

Find the best audience for any topic and channel and anticipate customer demand before intent is expressed.

Identify the best audiences

Optimize your plan in real time

Optimize across your entire multichannel campaign plan, with no trade-off between business priorities and customer-centricity.

Activate on all channels

Tinyclues integrates with your marketing solutions so you can execute successful campaigns across all channels.

Track your success

Track the most important KPIs for your campaigns and specific revenue for each topic.

Track your success
Map out customer demand thanks to the Audience Mapper
Identify the best audiences
Track your success

Putting the human back in marketing

We believe marketing needs real marketers, and empowering them with data and insights is our main focus. We’re helping them become data-driven drivers, but they’re still at the wheel, and we love to see them succeed.

Caroline ÉtienneHead of CRM
Chantelle Lingerie

“We’ve started to organize ourselves very differently. This has allowed everyone to evolve in their roles and to work differently within the company.”

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How do you cut through the hype to assess the bottom-line benefits?
This study deep dives into a long time retail customer case study and confirms that marketing leaders are discovering new levels of performance by using Tinyclues.

  • Uplift in marketing revenue
  • New types of campaigns
  • Additional revenue from trade marketing
  • Operational savings

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