Promoting niche products, driving in-store sales, and streamlining cross-team collaboration

Caroline ÉtienneHead of CRM
Chantelle Lingerie

“We’ve also seen an impact on the way we work. We’ve started to organize ourselves very differently. This has allowed everyone to evolve in their roles and to work differently within the company.”



INDUSTRY: Fashion Retail


  • Niche products
  • Strategic products
  • Campaign productivity
  • From email to store

Chantelle Lingerie is a multi-brand lingerie retailer and a creative studio designing lingerie since 1876 with 6 international brands and 10000 stores in 16 countries.

Making Marketing Heroes

Marketing Hero Interview: Caroline Étienne & Lisa Le Pogam, Chantelle Lingerie

Chantelle Lingerie’s Head of CRM & their Senior CRM Manager discuss Darjeeling’s campaign strategy. From niche products to best-sellers, they’re able to promote any product and find just the right buyers for their omnichannel campaigns.

Video Transcript

Caroline Etienne:
I’m Caroline Etienne, and I’m Head of CRM, for all the brands under Chantelle Lingerie.

Lisa le Pogam: My name is Lisa Le Pogam, and I’m Senior CRM Manager at Darjeeling.

Caroline Etienne: Chantelle Lingerie is a historic actor in the lingerie industry, with over 140 years of savoir-faire and expertise. We have 6 international brands across more than 16 countries, and 100 stores. Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we are designers, manufacturers and retailers. We implemented Tinyclues on Darjeeling, which is one of the brands under Chantelle Lingerie. In lingerie, there’s a relatively low repurchase rate, and so the challenge is to try and reach our clients without hurting customer experience. So to be able to communicate on our entire product catalog, while taking into account the fact that we’re not a fast fashion brand that is constantly changing their collection. So it’s important for us to contact our clients, at the right time, and with the right message. AI is important for us because it allows us to reach clients that we could not reach before with niche products. Before, it was almost impossible with our database and previous targeting techniques to reach these clients.

Lisa le Pogam: We had a lot of product information on our flagship line, with very high repurchase rates on which we were pretty confident about in terms of CRM targeting. But with Tinyclues, campaign revenues for this line exceeded our expectations. And on niche lines like ‘very sexy’, or those with a complicated print, we saw a significant impact on campaign performance and repurchase rates.

Caroline Etienne: The biggest effect Tinyclues has had on our campaigns is in terms of communication strategy. We went from 2 very broad weekly newsletters, to 1 newsletter and 3 targeted emails. It’s also changed the way we work. We’ve started to organize ourselves very differently. This has allowed everyone to evolve in their roles, and to work differently within the company.

Lisa le Pogam: Now, targeting is done at the beginning of the week, and we plan with the content manager, and product marketing, campaigns that answer business needs. We also now have a weekly view of our campaign schedule, and the topics that we want to send. For example, if we want to lower the stock of a product on which we have an overstock, or we may have a specific product that we really want to push. We can free ourselves from continually communicating on the same products. We’re able to do much more personalization, and so we gain a lot of time on that, and also in terms of targeting. Before we were analyzing a lot of data, but we weren’t always very accurate. Now, we completely trust Tinyclues to do our targeting across the week.

Caroline Etienne: We’ve had really great results on our Tinyclues campaigns, with an increase across our KPIs. We had 70% more clicks on our Tinyclues campaigns. And 94% more buyers.

Lisa le Pogam: Even though we’re sending more emails, our unsubscribe rate has stayed the same. This solution is helping us drive as much traffic online, as in-store. The results really speak for themselves.

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