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Travel marketing has never been harder…

Savvy, digital travelers that are more curious, demanding and impatient than ever before. They want better, more personalized experiences.

Marketing plans with complex offers that combine destination, booking windows, offer classes and a whole calendar of commercial priorities.

Requests from yield, revenue and product management teams, which require high levels of agility and accuracy that can’t be automated.

… and current solutions & methods are not helping

Traditional approaches that use past bookers, RFM and segmentation are failing to meet evolving customer needs and no longer deliver the level of insight that companies need.

Automation is effective, but it’s not enough. Lifecycle messages encouraging purchase, recovering sales from abandoned carts or retargeting bounced traffic only react to recent customer behavior and can’t generate new demand.

Solutions for the travel industry

Tinyclues is built to tackle the travel industry’s toughest challenges. From airlines, to hospitality leaders, tour operators to cruise lines, Tinyclues empowers marketers to scale their customer marketing plan and respond to business requests from yield, revenue and product teams.

Promote any offer

Promote niche destinations, boost business class upgrades, increase hotel occupancy rates, and drive demand for any offer, within any booking window.

Scale your marketing plan and increase campaign volume

Maximize reach and identify broader audiences for your offers by leveraging all your data points beyond past bookers.

Find early and late bookers & strategically time offers

Drive demand and increase bookings for everyday strategic topics, such as finding in-market sweet spot travelers for this week’s offers, for upcoming offers, and even for next year’s season.

Answer business demands from your organization

Join forces with yield and revenue teams to drive demand for any flight, destination or hotel they want to push, or promote last-minute offers with limited booking windows.

Find inspiration for new high-potential destinations

Identify offers showing high levels of customer demand and build high-performing offer mixes to cross‑ and upsell with data‑led recommendations.

Re-engage inactive travelers

Find inactive customers from your base and convert opportunistic travelers to loyal customers with compelling anti-churn campaigns.

Your step-by-step success plan

Map out customer demand

Understand dynamic demand patterns across all your customers and offers.

Map out customer demand thanks to the Audience Mapper

Predict successful topics

Anticipate how effective each topic will be and detect gaps in your marketing plan.

Identify the best audiences

Find the best audience for any topic and channel and anticipate customer demand before intent is expressed.

Identify the best audiences

Optimize your plan in real time

Optimize across your entire multichannel campaign plan, with no trade-off between business priorities and customer-centricity.

Activate on all channels

Tinyclues integrates with your marketing solutions so you can execute successful campaigns across all channels.

Track your success

Track the most important KPIs for your campaigns and specific revenue for each topic.

Track your success
Map out customer demand thanks to the Audience Mapper
Identify the best audiences
Track your success

Putting the human back in marketing

We believe marketing needs real marketers, and empowering them with data and insights is our main focus. We’re helping them become data-driven drivers, but they’re still at the wheel, and we love to see them succeed.

Annemarie Van Hecke - Tui Belgium
Annemarie Van HeckeCRM Manager
TUI Belgium

“Tinyclues allows us to do more campaigns, on specific topics, and these campaigns are felt as more relevant for our customers… we doubled our customer sentiment score!”

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This large European travel company optimizes their email marketing, as one of the leaders in e-commerce in France. Thanks to Tinyclues, they orchestrate their campaigns and boost omnichannel campaign efficiency and revenue.

Club Med

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This travel agency specializing in ocean, sea and river cruises set sail with their customer marketing by harnessing the power of AI. Campaign revenues more than doubled while e-mails volume went down by 50%.


The largest global online hostel booking platform drove message relevancy and occupancy rates on strategic and high-margin private rooms with deep learning.

Forrester calculates an astounding 3-year ROI for Tinyclues

How do you cut through the hype to assess the bottom-line benefits?
This study deep dives into a major hotel group case study who has seen the following benefits with Tinyclues:

  • Major lifts in bookings & revenue
  • Campaigns for niche hotels & destinations
  • Significant productivity gains

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