CRM & Campaign Managers

Need to launch a new product this week? Have an underperforming offer? Don’t have weeks and months to build segmentation and test?
Don’t worry, Tinyclues is the secret weapon allowing you to model, analyze, and generate your audiences and campaign calendar in minutes, for your review, approval, and successful execution.

Scale your customer marketing
to deliver on revenue goals
and lift customer experience.

Find the best audience for each offer

  • Glimpse what customers want and offer it to them before intent is expressed with powerful insights.
  • Adopt the most powerful targeting on the market and activate the perfect audience for any campaign, topic and channel, with a few clicks of the button.
  • Unlock new opportunities to cross‑ and upsell with data‑led recommendations.

Improve campaign planning

  • Generate complete campaign plans based on the goals of your marketing.
  • Optimize across your entire multi-channel campaign plan, with no trade-off between being business-first and customer-centric.
  • Maximize campaign performance with intelligent value- & interest-based fatigue management beyond guesswork and gut feeling.

Manage the unmanageable and do more in less time

  • Get insights, activate audiences, build your campaigns, analyze your campaign performance and share results across your organization, all with the same solution.
  • Reduce time to insight and act at the right time with self-service analytics and powerful targeting and planning capabilities, powered by deep learning.
  • Drive demand for everyday strategic topics and respond to business requests from your organization with confidence—New product launch? Last-minute change from merchandising or yield teams? Seasonal challenges? All made easier with Tinyclues.

Benjamin BillardCampaign Operator and Data Manager
Club Med

“With Tinyclues, we deliver a better omnichannel customer experience with timely and relevant messages leading to more revenue, less fatigue and more loyalty.”

Lisa Le PogamSenior CRM Manager
Chantelle Lingerie

“In lingerie, there’s a relatively low repurchase rate, and the challenge is to try to reach our clients without hurting customer experience. So to be able to communicate on our entire product catalog, while taking into account the fact that we’re not a fast fashion brand that is constantly changing their collection.”

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