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Two rockets taking off the ground

Prepare for truly scalable marketing campaigns

Learn how to develop scalable marketing campaigns with Tinyclues and automate tasks to focus on the most…

Man sitting at a café table, looking at phone and laptop screens

Web push notifications — the high-engagement channel you should be using

Web push notifications are a great way to engage customers with no external app needed. Send your…

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Efficiency vs eyeballs: should marketers have to choose?

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is, I don’t know which half.”…

The CRM metrics you’ve never heard about

The success of email marketing campaigns is usually measured by the engagement of users with the content…

How we tamed our multi-tenancy model in less than a week

Multi-tenant data configuration management can be tricky. What if you treated it the way you treat code? Tinyclues…

How do the Salesforce connectors work?

Marketers work with a lot of tools—a lot of them. In fact, 23.8 on average, according to…


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Air France

Air France selected Tinyclues, enabling them to leverage their data to its full extent, go beyond booking history, and reach new potential bookers. All without increasing customer fatigue and ultimately driving a 61% increase in bookings.

Fnac Darty

The #1 French electronics and home appliances retailer optimizes campaign orchestration and improves team productivity with Tinyclues.

Oui sncf

This large European travel company optimizes their email marketing, as one of the leaders in e-commerce in France. Thanks to Tinyclues, they orchestrate their campaigns and boost omnichannel campaign efficiency and revenue.


Leader in home furnishings across Europe, Conforama uses Tinyclues to drive an essential phase of their digital transformation, with personalized and relevant marketing campaigns. In 4 just weeks, they were able to launch their first campaigns—just in time for a major sporting event that drove conversions, both online and in-store.


This leading travel & hospitality company leverages Tinyclues to optimize its campaign targeting and planning by efficiently finding future buyers for niche products (selected destinations or luxury hotels), early bookers, late bookers, etc.

Chantelle Lingerie

This leading lingerie retailer scaled their campaign plans and streamlined internal workflows, while driving demand online and in-store with Tinyclues.


This leading fashion brand reconciles a luxury brand image with business objectives by efficiently communicating on any product—promoting best sellers beyond their previous buyers and highlighting niche, high-fashion creations.