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Accurately predict buying intent and send targeted CRM campaigns that deliver for your business and delight your customers with the scale you need.

Elevate your targeting

Send more campaigns targeted by what customers want

Increase your revenue

Deliver relevant campaigns that drive higher conversions

Optimize your CRM plan

Easily plan campaigns, optimize audience overlap, and manage fatigue

Global brands love Tinyclues

Built for the business realities marketers face

Pressure to achieve business goals can lead to batch & blasting and reactive planning, which isn’t great for customers. Build customer-centric campaigns that exceed your business goals.

How our tech works

Tinyclues learns from your 1st-party data using both explicit behaviors and implicit signals to predict buying intent for each of your offerings with unparalleled precision. Discover unexpressed buying intent down to SKU level to target as many campaigns as you want.

Build customer-centric campaigns that deliver

Find audience overlap

Understand what products have similar buying audiences so you can promote them together.

Find new revenue opportunities

Discover new topics you can target opening up additional revenue streams.

Identify the best audiences

Find the best audience for any topic and anticipate customer demand before intent is expressed.

Orchestrate your campaign strategy

Optimize across your entire multichannel campaign plan with no trade-off between business priorities and customer-centricity.

Activate on all channels

Predict buying intent and target intent unique to the channels you care about.

Track your success

Track the most important KPIs for your campaigns and specific revenue for each topic.

Powerful data science at your fingertips

An unbelievably
easy-to-use platform

Learn how to build campaigns in under an hour.

Connects seamlessly into your stack

No matter how advanced your CRM stack is Tinyclues’ agnostic tech seamlessly
fits right in.

Short runway to value

Implement Tinyclues with a low lift on your IT team and start seeing revenue gains in just a few weeks.

What makes us unique?

Don’t just take our word for it

Garance B.CRM Manager

Complete and powerful tool for segmented campaigns

User Luxury Goods & Jewelry

Tinyclues has been an extremely helpful tool in both planning and deploying our email strategy.
Without these tools, we would not have the insight to create tailored campaigns that compliment larger brand messages and ultimately help improve engagement and revenue metrics.

Clémence B.Relationship Marketing Director

We have more than doubled our revenue from marketing campaigns.

Sofie B.CRM Campaign Planner
TUI Belgium

Tinyclues is a user friendly tool that helps optimizing turnover by refining the campaign planning

Justine C.Chargée de CRM

Powerful insights that help you target the right audience
Tinyclues allows you, as a marketer, to save a huge amount of time. It really helps you to focus on the message content while choosing the best audience thanks to the Artificial Intelligence.

David N.Digital Marketing Director
Fnac Darty

Tinyclues is at the heart of our CRM, enabling my team to target and optimize more than 1500 campaigns per year, driving millions of revenue per year.
It has a big impact on our strategy and our revenue.

Fanny V.Campaign Manager

2 great years with Tinyclues – more are coming

  • Create a powerful segmentation in short time
  • The platform is really easy to use
  • Possibility to handle the marketing pressure for email very easily

UserLeisure, Travel & Tourism

Great tool, awesome support, valuable insight!
The team is always ready and available to help me find new ways to optimize usage. Will go out of their way to help with industry best practices (especially during covid times) as well as the tool itself that really allows us to see how our database behaves.

Making Marketing Heroes

Chantelle Lingerie delivers for their business and customers with Tinyclues

Chantelle Lingerie needed to activate hard-to-reach audiences and find additional revenue opportunities for niche products. With Tinyclues, they transformed their targeting, and their overall CRM strategy, to delight their customers with products they love and exceed business goals.

Learn how Chantelle Lingerie drove a +70% CTR and +94% new buyers while keeping their unsubscribe rate the same.

Watch video Hero stories

With Tinyclues, you are in good company

Our platform easily integrates into your existing stack no matter who you work with.

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