Total Economic Impact of Tinyclues
632% ROI and $82M in additional campaign revenue.
An independent study conducted by Forrester.

Making Marketing

Empower marketers
Engage customers
Drive results

Tinyclues augments your Customer Marketing capabilities
beyond campaign segmentation and automation

Deliver on strategic company goals and increase
repeat purchase, cross-sell, reactivation and LTV.
high potential products
Target customers
before they express intent
the campaign plans

Tinyclues, Big Results.

From retail brands to travel leaders, see how enterprise businesses drive demand, lift customer engagement, increase sales and streamline cross team collaboration.

Generating results across channels such as email, push notifications, direct mail, call centers, Facebook and more. The performance metrics say it all!

After only 3 months of using the solution, our clients measured on average:
campaign revenue
time to campaign

Happier marketers, happier customers.

Planning strategy to crush your marketing goals. That's your job.
Optimizing campaigns for every product? Leave it to Tinyclues.

Calculate the impact on your campaigns.

Use our Business Impact Calculator to forecast the potential results of Tinyclues and measure them against industry benchmarks.

See Tinyclues in action and
experience what it means to be a marketing hero.

Augment your CRM & ESP solutions with cutting-edge
deep learning technology that’s predictive and prescriptive.

Discover the optimal campaign topics, audiences and plan.

No data preparation. No complex rules. No sweat.

Marketers Love Tinyclues.
Find out why.