Eliminate reactive planning, unleash your 1st party data

Business pressures lead to reactive CRM campaign planning. Use the tiny clues hidden in your first-party data sets to send targeted campaigns that deliver for your business by delivering for your customers.

CRM Technology built for marketers

Access deep learning to predict buying intent for every offering and rank your entire database from most to least likely to purchase. With just a few clicks of a mouse – and in only a few minutes – build customer-centric campaigns that boost your bottom line.

Data science delivered in beautifully simple technology

Put your customers first

Deliver campaigns with offerings they’ll want to buy


Exceed your product and revenue goals

See results

Implement and generate revenue in just a few weeks

Use with

Create campaigns with little training in just a few minutes and clicks of a mouse


Map out customer demand

Understand dynamic demand patterns across all your customers and offers.

  • Detect untapped opportunities in your catalog
  • View compatibility between campaign topics
  • Find products that are complementary

Map out customer demand thanks to the Audience Mapper

Predict successful topics

Anticipate how effective each topic will be and detect gaps in your marketing plan.

  • Detect marketing opportunities
  • Determine maximum effectiveness of topics for niche or full-base campaigns
  • Visualize overlap between marketing plans

Identify the best audiences

Find the best audience for any topic and channel and anticipate customer demand before intent is expressed.

  • Adopt the most powerful targeting on the market.
  • Find the best audience for any topic and channel, in minutes
  • Predict customer demand before intent is expressed
Identify the best audiences

Scale your plan in real time

Optimize across your entire multi-channel campaign plan, with no trade-off between business priorities and customer-centricity.

  • Advanced fatigue management
  • Find and resolve audience conflicts between campaigns
  • Intelligent campaign planning that maximizes performance

Activate on all channels

Tinyclues integrates with your marketing solutions so you can execute successful campaigns across all channels.

  • Manage campaigns seamlessly across multiple marketing channels
  • Optimize audiences according to selected channels
  • Improve ROI on high-time & cost investment channels

Track your success

Track your success

Track the most important KPIs for your campaigns and specific revenue for each topic.

  • Benefit from advanced insights and make informed, data-driven decisions on your marketing campaigns
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your customers
  • Choose from over 20 attribution models


Short time-to-campaign

Up and running in weeks, send your campaigns in minutes

Seamless integration

Connect with any ESP or campaign management solution

Privacy by design

Anonymized data, secure processing


Email, Facebook, direct mail, call center, push notifications, SMS and more

Unmatched Omnichannel Performance

Every day, Tinyclues helps marketers like you do their best work.

SMS & Text channel
push mobile app
Direct mail
social channels
email messages
Call center channel
display campaigns

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