The capabilities CDPs need to deliver value for B2C marketers

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Forrester talks B2C
Customer Data Platforms

In recent years, B2C Customer Data Platforms have emerged, with sweeping promises to solve one of marketers’ top challenges: managing and activating marketing data. But according to a new Forrester report, they still lack critical intelligence capabilities and are unable to keep up with marketers’ ever-changing needs.

As a result, Marketers are turning to vendors outside the CDP space to fill the gap, drive better business outcomes, and deliver long-term value.

What’s inside?

This Forrester report will help you filter through the hype, focus on your needs and define which solutions – inside and outside the CDP space – are worthwhile and legitimately support your customer growth strategies.

Download your complimentary copy of this report to learn more about B2C Customer Data Platforms, including:

  • Why CDPs are lacking core capabilities to solve real business problems and deliver long term value;
  • What to look for in a CDP and how to evaluate their validity and potential to meet your current and future business needs;
  • How players outside the CDP market are paving the way with intelligence and insights, and driving strategic outcomes for marketers

The Capabilities CDPs Need To Deliver Value For B2C Marketers, Joe Stanhope, Stephanie Liu with Mary Pilecki, David Novitzky, Cole Walsh, Christine Turley, Forrester Research, Inc., January 16, 2020