The real impact of AI customer marketing on travel & hospitality

Forrester’s new study details the benefits, costs, and ROI of AI-augmented targeting and planning for a global leader in hospitality.

What’s the real value of AI technology applied to customer marketing campaigns?

How do you cut through the hype to assess the bottom-line benefits?

The “The Total Economic Impact™ Of Tinyclues’ Customer Marketing Solution For A Large Hospitality Group”, a 2019 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Tinyclues, deep dives into a customer case study.

This major hotel group has seen the following benefits with Tinyclues:

  • Improved campaign targeting resulting in major lifts in bookings, revenue and performance metrics across the board.
  • Identified broader audiences for their campaigns, increasing campaign audiences by 50% on average without increasing fatigue.
  • Able to run campaigns for niche hotels and destinations, something they could not do before in an efficient or profitable way.
  • Significant productivity gains, allowing time reallocation for more strategic tasks.

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VP Guest Relationship Marketing
Global hospitality group

“I’m convinced that AI is the only way to achieve true relevancy at scale for our communications plan. Travel and hospitality leaders really need to take the next step toward AI. It will find the relevant customers for each offer you want to push and optimize campaign plans based on value and customer experience.”