Promoting partner brands, driving in-store sales, and improving productivity

Véronique LombardoCRM & Data Manager
Beauty Success Group

“We use Tinyclues on all of our campaigns. It allowed us to scale our marketing plan without increasing fatigue by communicating at a product, brand or category level. We can even find buyers for specific perfume sizes!”


Purchases in partner marketing campaigns

Beauty Success Group



  • Niche products
  • Partner marketing
  • Campaign productivity
  • From email to store

Beauty Success is a 100% family-owned group specialized in cosmetics and perfumes, personal care products and beauty centers.
With 7 brands, 540 stores and 300 million euros in revenue in France and internationally, the group is #2 in the beauty institute market and 4th in cosmetics and perfumery on the French market.

Marketing Hero Interview: Véronique Lombardo, Beauty Success Group

Whether it’s answering business demands to push specific products and categories, optimizing trade marketing campaigns or accelerating clearance initiatives, Beauty Success can now promote any offer in their catalog and find the right buyers for their campaigns.

Video Transcript

I’m Véronique Lombardo and I’m CRM & Data Manager at Beauty Success Group.

We’re a retailer specialized in cosmetics & perfumes, personal care products and beauty centers. We have 7 brands, 540 stores. Two thirds are franchises, one third is owned. We operate mainly in France and a bit internationally. We are 4th on the French perfume market and 2nd in beauty centers.
Our campaign challenges are mainly reaching all the customers in our database since we have a large database, and promoting all our products in our 3 main sectors: perfume, cosmetics, and beauty care services, reaching our entire customer base. Our other challenges are related to fatigue and notoriety, mainly communication‚ whether on transaction-driven communications or content-driven emails.

Marketing campaigns are very important for us. It’s essential for us to communicate with our customers, build a relationship with them and provide a seamless and unique experience. We have a very busy CRM planning since we receive requests from everywhere, including different brands and stakeholders. We have lots of last minute requests, which means we can’t build a CRM plan weeks or months in advance because we often have requests the day before for clearance campaigns, for products that aren’t working very well new products or new collections.

We have a large database with over 1 million customers across our different brands, all of which have provided us with their home addresses. Addresses are the main data we have. We also have more than 350,000 email addresses and lots of phone numbers, close to 700,000 opt-in contacts for SMS communication. We send a lot of weekly and monthly campaigns which amounts to 4000 communications a year. We’re a team of 6 people, including me. There are 2 campaign managers in charge of building the CRM plan and 3 people on the technical side in charge of sending the campaigns with Adobe Campaign.

We use Tinyclues for all of our campaigns, mainly on our brand Beauty Success since it’s our main brand. Tinyclues has allowed us to send more campaigns without increasing fatigue.

Now, nearly all of our CRM plan is now built with Tinyclues.

We send two types of campaigns brand campaigns promoting the current offers, which are mainly transaction-driven and with Tinyclues we were able to add “product campaigns”. Now we can target at product and brand level. This is a something new that we can only do with Tinyclues.

We can target for niche offers and even target for the size of the perfume bottles since we have different sizes : 30 40 50 ml, etc. and so we can really be as precise as we want in our targeting. Partner marketing campaigns are very important to us as they make up a huge chunk of the campaigns we sent to our clients. We send around 100 per year mainly by email and direct mail. We send partner marketing campaigns every 2 weeks and we work closely with brands to find the right audiences for these campaigns. Tinyclues plays a huge role in our strategy and our market. We’re now using a new feature in Tinyclues that allows us to target at brand level, but also at category or subcategory level. We can even combine the two, we can now send campaigns on Chanel – skincare or Chanel – perfumes
For partner marketing campaigns that we AB tested, the results were excellent since we were able to generate 47% of additional sales and 37% of additional revenue.

Tinyclues had a strong impact on our campaign strategy and the way we work. Before, our campaigns were mainly transaction-driven and we only sent generic campaigns to our entire database. Now, we can target at product level and we’re now using Tinyclues for all of our campaigns for both transaction-driven campaigns and specific themes and topics. This has also allowed us to save time. Before, we used to manually target our campaigns and it was tedious and time-consuming. With Tinyclues, our targeting is much more effective, in a third of the time. We are much more productive on this part.
We’ve also seen a significant impact on our SMS campaigns. We send a considerable amount of SMS campaigns, at a cost of course. Tinyclues allowed us to be more effective by sending fewer campaigns and becoming more cost-effective.
We haven’t fully started using Tinyclues’ marketing insights, we’re slowly discovering the new features but we’re confident it will allow us to build a fully-optimized CRM plan.

Tinyclues had a strong positive impact on the customer experience we provide since we’ve seen an improvement across the board in email KPIs with a 37% increase in open rate allowing us to stay top-of-mind and be closer to our customers. We’ve also seen a significant impact on in-store sales with a +52% increase in in-store purchases and 49% in additional revenue. What I love the most about Tinyclues is its practicality and speed. The setup of the platform takes little to no time and it’s easy to do AB tests. Honestly, it takes a few weeks to put the data feeds in place and that’s it. And for targeting our campaigns it really allows us to go very quickly, compared to a manual targeting. And everyone can use the tool ! Before, we were technically-focused to manage marketing campaigns and now, everyone can use Tinyclues, whether it’s me or even our marketing director! I would say it’s easy to use, and everyone can use it!

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