Boosting message relevancy with powerful customer insights

Adrien VinayHead of Loyalty

“Thanks to Tinyclues, we can send far fewer emails, which means fewer opt-outs and less money spent on routing and operational expenses”

The same revenue can now be achieved while sending 45% fewer emails.




  • Campaign productivity
  • Niche campaigns

DESCRIPTION is the leading marketplace in France for guaranteed/secure buying and selling for private and professional sellers, offering over 200 million products (used or new) to its 17 million members.

What benefits does Tinyclues bring to Rakuten?

Tinyclues gives us the operational capability to target the most appetent customers for specific products and themes.

How did our platform impact the way you run your marketing campaigns?

Before using Tinyclues, we would work on a weekly basis with our category managers to pick the offers that would be featured in newsletters sent to our whole customer base. Now, thanks to Tinyclues, we can use the same offers but for dedicated and targeted newsletters. This allows us to send far fewer emails, which means fewer opt-outs and less money spent on routing and operational expenses. And, of course, a much better experience for our customers, without sacrificing revenue. (Adrien Vinay, Head of Loyalty)

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