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Romain RoyHead of Marketing

“Tinyclues quickly became part of our customer marketing strategy; we no longer have to make the tradeoff between reach and relevance. And with AI optimizing targeting and planning, it’s a huge time saver for the team!”

Total transaction value


INDUSTRY: Travel & Hospitality


  • Campaign performance
  • Campaign productivity
  • Strategic products

PerfectStay is a B2B travel operator creating and promoting holiday packages for prestigious partner brands like Air France, Emirates, Veepee, and Groupon. With a unique combination of skills and expertise, PerfectStay allows partner brands to unleash their power in the tourism market. Today, the company is present in 9 countries with 15 partnerships and an annual revenue of 100 million euros. 

Context and Challenges

  • Needed to increase revenue and drive bookings for several daily ‘La Collection Air France’ holiday deals for their partner Air France. 
  • Struggled to maximize the ROI of their primary channel – email for driving traffic and sales.
  • Wanted to increase email marketing intensity, while managing pressure and protecting their partner’s brand image.
  • Needed to move away from mostly generic campaigns and better leverage data to send relevant offers.

Solutions and Use Cases

  • With Tinyclues, they are able to add campaigns that answer business needs, including mono-destination themes and last-minute follow-up campaigns.
  • Increased send volume and the number of campaigns, without increasing fatigue.
  • Now able to maximize conversions and website visits within a limited booking window of 14 days.
  • Now easily able to target for last-minute deals and find early bookers for strategically timed offers.


  • Generated additional campaign revenue: Tinyclues campaigns led to an increase in revenue per message of 18% and in total transaction value of 42% as measured by A/B tests compared to their previous campaigns.
  • Improved customer engagement: open rates are 33% higher. 
  • Increased traffic to the website with 56% more sessions.
  • Increased the number of campaigns with no negative impact on deliverability or unsubscribes.
  • With AI doing the legwork,the team is able to do more campaigns without increasing workload.

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