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Campaign revenue (up to)


Customer Sentiment Score


Time to Campaign

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Booking rate on promoted destinations (A/B test results in France, Post-click attribution)


Tinyclues allowed us to leverage all of our data, going beyond past bookers to find the best audiences for our offers. We’re now able to drive bookings for strategic destinations and products more efficiently, improve campaign time-to-market, and increase revenue with relevance at scale.

Sacha Maniquant
Manager E-acquisition, Email channel

Journey campaign revenue


We can’t just rely on behavioral segments or someone’s purchase history. Tinyclues accurately identifies the individuals who are really interested in each particular adventure, enabling us to be even more customer-centric.

Steve August
VP, Marketing

Campaign revenue


Using Tinyclues’ deep learning for campaign targeting, we identify and target our future buyers. On the same email volumes, Tinyclues campaigns deliver 22% more revenue.

CRM Project Manager



Tinyclues allows us to do more campaigns, on specific topics, and these campaigns are felt as more relevant for our customers… we doubled our customer sentiment score.

Annemarie Van Hecke
CRM Manager
TUI Belgium

Campaign revenue


Thanks to Tinyclues, our email campaigns are delivering 2 to 5 times more revenue, while the number of messages has decreased by 50%, leading to a far better customer experience.

Charles-Antoine Souplet
Marketing Director

Email revenue


With Tinyclues, we deliver a better omnichannel customer experience with timely and relevant messages leading to more revenue, less fatigue and more loyalty.

Benjamin Billard
Campaign Operator and Data Manager

Total transaction value


Tinyclues quickly became part of our customer marketing strategy; we no longer have to make the tradeoff between reach and relevance. And with AI optimizing targeting and planning, it’s a huge time saver for the team!

Romain Roy
Head of Marketing

Campaign revenue


This leading travel&hospitality company leverages Tinyclues to optimize its campaign targeting and planning. Tinyclues empowers marketers to efficiently find future buyers for niche products (selected destinations or luxury hotels), early bookers, late bookers, etc. Across dozens of A/B test campaigns, Tinyclues generated +178% more revenue.

Campaign revenue


Thanks to Tinyclues, we have more than doubled our revenue from marketing campaigns. Additionally, Tinyclues helped us to reinvent and optimize marketing campaign orchestration.

Relationship Marketing Director

Private room campaign revenue


Tinyclues is providing deep learning and campaign intelligence that we simply can’t do as a group of humans … we can’t get these results in any other way.

Cathy Thomson
Global Head of Customer Experience

Garance B.CRM Manager

Complete and powerful tool for segmented campaigns

User Luxury Goods & Jewelry

Tinyclues has been an extremely helpful tool in both planning and deploying our email strategy.
Without these tools, we would not have the insight to create tailored campaigns that compliment larger brand messages and ultimately help improve engagement and revenue metrics.

Clémence B.Relationship Marketing Director

We have more than doubled our revenue from marketing campaigns.

Sofie B.CRM Campaign Planner
TUI Belgium

Tinyclues is a user friendly tool that helps optimizing turnover by refining the campaign planning

Justine C.Chargée de CRM

Powerful insights that help you target the right audience
Tinyclues allows you, as a marketer, to save a huge amount of time. It really helps you to focus on the message content while choosing the best audience thanks to the Artificial Intelligence.

David N.Digital Marketing Director
Fnac Darty

Tinyclues is at the heart of our CRM, enabling my team to target and optimize more than 1500 campaigns per year, driving millions of revenue per year.
It has a big impact on our strategy and our revenue.

Fanny V.Campaign Manager

2 great years with Tinyclues – more are coming

  • Create a powerful segmentation in short time
  • The platform is really easy to use
  • Possibility to handle the marketing pressure for email very easily

UserLeisure, Travel & Tourism

Great tool, awesome support, valuable insight!
The team is always ready and available to help me find new ways to optimize usage. Will go out of their way to help with industry best practices (especially during covid times) as well as the tool itself that really allows us to see how our database behaves.

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