Benoit Bouteille

Customer Experience Director

The CRM metrics you’ve never heard about

The success of email marketing campaigns is usually measured by the engagement of users with the content sent by a company – by means of open rate and click rate – and the revenue they generate. Another factor that regularly weighs in is the “friction” created by a specific email, simply measured by the unsubscribe […]

/ July 22, 2020

Unsubscribe rates: are they really that low?

Marketing is a constant balancing act. On the one hand, you strive to be customer-centric by providing a personalized experience. On the other hand, you need to meet your business goals, such as driving revenue or promoting excess inventory. An inevitable side effect of any email campaign is that, for a variety of reasons, your […]

/ May 6, 2020
CDP Report

Analysts on CDPs and Their Quest to Become More Intelligent

Simple data centralization won’t cut it anymore. Drive better business outcomes by looking outside the CDP market for intelligent (AI) solutions.

/ March 11, 2020
Marketing Heroes

Marketing Heroes Series: Julie Bidault, Customer Marketing Director,

In the second episode of our Marketing Heroes series, we hear from Julie Bidault, Customer Marketing Director at about how she delivers transformational customer experiences and drives impact every day for her company.

/ February 4, 2020

Video: Chantelle Lingerie talks Retail Customer Marketing Challenges & Strategy

 Boosting repurchase rates, diversifying campaign topics, showcasing the breadth of their catalog and offering the best possible experience to their clients are some of the challenges Chantelle Lingerie’s Head of CRM & their Senior CRM Manager were facing. As a multi-brand lingerie retailer and a creative studio, designing lingerie since 1876 with 6 international […]

/ December 11, 2019

Marketing Heroes Series: Jaime Dodd, Senior Analyst Email Marketing, Road Scholar

Welcome to our Marketing Heroes Series. In this series, you will hear marketing stories from the field from your peers across the globe. For the past 6 years, we’ve watched the individuals we work with evolve, grow, and soar. Our clients are at the center of our business and we want to put their stories front […]

/ November 15, 2019

Introducing, Marketing Heroes: A Series of Stories from the Field

Welcome to “Marketing Heroes,” presented by Tinyclues. In this series, you will hear marketing stories from the field from your peers across the globe. Our intention is to highlight the stories of marketers that solve critical business problems, deliver transformational customer experiences, and drive impact every day for their organizations.  For the past 6 years, […]

/ November 15, 2019
Marketing Automation

Is Automation the Holy Grail of Modern Marketing?

There’s no doubt that automation has brought big value to marketers. But has automation become synonymous with modern marketing at the risk of missing out on important business priorities?

/ November 6, 2019
Forrester TEI

Independent Study Shows 632% ROI for a Large Hospitality Group Using Tinyclues

A large hospitality group uses Tinyclues to drive bookings and generate over $82 million in incremental campaign revenue.

/ September 18, 2019
Forrester Webinar

Highlights from Forrester, Tinyclues Webinar Validating ROI of AI for Moments-Based Marketing

Deliver real value by being “more predictive in terms of anticipating the customer requirement, as opposed to in a reactive way, where we’re retargeting someone after the fact.” – Forrester

/ September 12, 2019