New Forrester Report: How Marketers Can Build Top Marketing Technology Ecosystems With Best-of-Breed Point Solutions Like Tinyclues

Forrester Report Point Solutions

VP Customer Experience

November 29, 2018

Forrester has published a new report, Complement Your EMSS (enterprise marketing software suites) with Best-of-Breed Point solutions by Rusty Warner, aimed at helping B2C marketers pick the right solutions for their enterprise marketing technology (EMT) ecosystem. In a market bursting with EMSS, this paper is a helpful guide in evaluating marketing applications and narrowing down the options.

A central premise of the report is the importance of an “EMT ecosystem” approach; Forrester says marketers typically choose a few vendors for their fundamental marketing technology requirements, and look to a variety of point solutions for additional business needs.

Customer experience is king

The report stresses the importance of a customer-focused outlook, when choosing which technology investments to make. Forrester advises marketers to evaluate their martech requirements through the guiding lens of customer needs and preferences – crucial to optimizing brand strategy and staying relevant.

Findings indicate that the best tools combine user-friendliness with sophisticated analysis capabilities. When orchestrating campaigns, “batch & blast” strategies no longer make sense; customer-driven interaction means adopting solutions that provide agility, while pursuing a dynamic content strategy and creating campaigns with continuous interaction cycles.

Tinyclues: best-of-breed for AI

Forrester’s report charts EMSS offerings across a broad range of technologies, and names Tinyclues as a best-of-breed point solution for Artificial Intelligence in customer analytics. A recognized leader in AI, Tinyclues uses deep learning to add a layer of intelligence to B2C marketing strategies – finding the real future buyers for every offer, and making the most of every campaign.

Tinyclues’ campaign intelligence solution meets marketers’ integration concerns head-on, merging seamlessly with clients’ existing campaign management systems with little-to-no IT intervention required. As an AI-first product, the solution relies on a handful of business-centric features, while under the hood, the hard-core deep learning technology does the legwork for marketers.

Tinyclues also reflects the customer-centric approach endorsed in Forrester’s report, as measured by the results delivered; on average, our clients see customer engagement go up by 51%, campaign revenues increase by 79%, and unsubscribes go down by 19%. (For more details, check out our client success stories).

Read Rusty Warner’s Complement Your EMSS With Best-of-Breed Point Solutions full report.

AI: a smart way to kick-start campaigns and reignite revenue  

No matter what EMSS marketers choose, today they’re faced with another issue: stalled or diminishing returns on their campaign management solutions.

Forrester Report Point Solutions

Recognizing the limits of their EMSS applications, marketing leaders are increasingly embracing AI as a way to reignite campaigns. AI learns the specifics of your business from raw marketing data. It can uncover valuable and actionable connections within billions of first-party data points – and in the case of Tinyclues, offers unrivalled identification of future buyers.

Our clients use platforms like Adobe Campaign, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Selligent, Cheetah Digital, Oracle Responsys and Emarsys, and bring in Tinyclues as an intelligence layer to their existing marketing mix. By adding AI-driven campaigns that are aimed at the right customers for each specific offer, these brands are seeing new campaign revenue and higher customer engagement rates.

To learn more about how AI can help spark campaign revenues check out this blog article. You can also read more recommendations from Forrester on how AI will spark a real marketing renaissance.

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