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199% ROI and $9M in additional campaign revenue.
An independent study conducted by Forrester.

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Campaign revenue
"Thanks to Tinyclues, we have more than doubled our revenue from marketing campaigns. Additionally, Tinyclues helped us to reinvent and optimize marketing campaign orchestration."
Rakuten and Tinyclues
Revenue per email
"Tinyclues gives us the operational capability to target the future buyers for specific products and themes. It's a much better experience for our customers, without sacrificing revenue."
"Without Tinyclues, we would have missed out on more than 50% of our campaign revenue. Tinyclues allowed us to send relevant messages and increase our conversion rate by 82%."
Revenue per email
Tinyclues allows Lacoste to target future buyers for strategic products from their catalogue, even though most of them have not even expressed an explicit desire in that way. The result: 151% increase in revenue for these campaigns.
Cruiseline Success Story Logo
"Thanks to Tinyclues, our email campaigns are delivering 2 to 5 times more revenue, while the number of messages has decreased by 50%, leading to a far better customer experience."
Private Room Campaign Revenue
"Tinyclues is providing deep learning and campaign intelligence that we simply can’t do as a group of humans … we can’t get these results in any other way"
Campaign revenue
“With Tinyclues, we can now send relevant campaigns for any product in our catalog. Not only did we more than double our campaign revenue, we also now offer a more personalized experience to our clients while decreasing unsubscribes by 62%”
Journey campaign revenue
“AI-first targeting is the key. We can no longer rely on behavioral segments or someone’s purchase history. Tinyclues will accurately identify the individuals who are really interested in each particular adventure, enabling us to be even more customer-centric. We want our messages to draw attention and generate enrollments rather than going unnoticed in people’s busy inboxes.”
Manor Tinyclues
"Thanks to Tinyclues, Manor’s online campaign revenue has grown by +21%, and campaign-driven store revenue has gone up as well."
Campaign Revenue
Using Tinyclues’ deep learning for campaign targeting, we identify and target our future buyers. On the same email volumes, Tinyclues campaigns deliver 22% more revenue.
Revenue per email
Thomas Cook loves the simplicity of Tinyclues and is able to target future buyers with highly relevant messages. Campaigns optimized with Tinyclues generate a very significant revenue increase.
Revenue Per Message
"We’ve been very pleased with the results; it shows that Tinyclues can identify who is most likely to respond to an offer. This leads to greater relevancy and lower opt-out rates because you’re providing the kind of offers your customers are looking to engage with."
Campaign revenue
This retail company uses Tinyclues targeting and planning AI-first capabilities to optimize the efficiency of its email campaigns across website and stores. Results have been measured across many A/B test campaigns.
"With Tinyclues, we deliver a better omnichannel customer experience with timely and relevant messages leading to more revenue, less fatigue and more loyalty."
TOTAL company revenue
"Tinyclues empowered us to rethink how we target our email campaigns, enabling us to generate and sustain a 5% increase in Brandalley’s total revenue."
Campaign revenue
"The results are extremely positive in terms of additional revenue and margin generated. On average across all the A/B test campaigns, Tinyclues generated 87% additional revenue with the same volume of messages! At the same time, unsubscribe rates dropped by 17%! It shows that our communications with Tinyclues were highly targeted and relevant."
Campaign revenue
This large travel&hospitality company leverages Tinyclues to optimize its campaign targeting and planning. Tinyclues empowers marketers to efficiently find future buyers for niche products (selected destinations or luxury hotels), early bookers, late bookers, etc. Across dozens of A/B test campaigns, Tinyclues generated +178% more revenue.
Campaign revenue
Tinyclues allowed this online retailer with 20M+ active customers to send AI targeted campaigns to customers with a high propensity to buy today's products in the next 48hours. The result: an increase by 80% of the revenue for these campaigns.
Revenue per email
Thanks to Tinyclues, we have put the actual products back at the heart of our strategy. As promised, the algorithms detect the specific desire of each customer; targeted campaigns via Tinyclues have reached many customers we previously considered as inactive.
Campaign booking revenue
"With Tinyclues, we can create highly relevant targeting no matter the destination or the service. We also predict purchases in the future for early bookers. As a result, we have doubled the number of sales generated by our campaigns".
Fnac Spectacles Logo
"For almost any event – even a niche one – we can find the right audience among our customers and propose them relevant content. As a result, an increasing proportion of our revenue comes from CRM, which has a greater margin rate than sales generated by paid traffic."


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