Forrester on How AI Will Spark a Real Marketing Renaissance for CMOs

Forrester Report AI Marketing

VP Customer Experience

September 20, 2018

How should CMOs anticipate the impact of AI on their strategy in the coming years? Forrester recently published the report “Artificial Intelligence Will Spark a Real Marketing Renaissance: CMOs Have A New Partner On The Horizon” to help CMOs overcome the hype surrounding AI, and see the real impact this technology has on marketing, and on the bottom line.

According to Thomas Husson, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester, the role of a CMO will become increasingly difficult as they are being overwhelmed by competing objectives in a quickly evolving technology environment.

Husson believes that AI has the potential to help CMOs deal with their most urgent challenges:

  • Data and analytics
  • Talent shortages
  • Scaling data-driven marketing to deliver contextual experiences
  • Budget compression and resource optimization

“AI will free marketers to refocus on brand strategy. CMOs will rejoice as AI delivers what the flurry of digital marketing technologies to date have not: time.”

Thomas Husson, VP & Principal Analyst.

Husson adds “AI promises to automate many manual tasks, saving time on noncore marketing activities and refocusing the CMO on strategies and experiences that build the brand and drive business growth”

Forrester Report AI Marketing

How AI is bridging the post-digital gap, from Rusty Warner, Principal Analyst at Forrester, The Future of Cross-Channel Marketing presentation

The report is not only looking at the future; it highlights examples of AI already being used to solve top CMO problems, including revolutionizing the way marketing campaigns are being run. We’re excited that Tinyclues is mentioned by leading retailer Fnac Darty in the report. David Nedzela, Fnac Darty’s Digital Marketing Director, says “We increasingly rely on Tinyclues, an AI-first intelligent campaign solution, for campaign management because sales simply outperform.”  Watch a video interview on how this leader in household appliances, electronics and entertainment goods is reinventing their marketing campaigns with Tinyclues.

Thomas Husson stated in his recent blog article on the report: “AI is opening up new marketing use cases and will lead to a marketing renaissance, enabling CMOs to focus their energy on core marketing activities: customer understanding, brand strategy, and brand experience.”

The full report “Artificial Intelligence Will Spark A Real Marketing Renaissance” is available here.

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