Total Economic Impact of Tinyclues
632% ROI and $82M in additional campaign revenue.
An independent study conducted by Forrester.



Travel & Hospitality


TUI France


TUI is the world’s number one tourism group operating in around 180 destinations worldwide. It covers the entire tourism value chain under one roof including a large portfolio of travel agencies, airlines, hotels, and cruise liners and provides holiday experiences to 27 million customers.


  • Campaign Productivity
  • Promote Niche Products
  • Strategic Products
  • Lower Unsubscribes
Campaign Revenue
Tinyclues helped us to shape a new campaign strategy; we launched our first campaigns
in just 4 weeks and increased revenue from our targeted campaigns by 106%.
We’ve doubled the number of targeted campaigns without adding to the team’s workload.
Agnès Beauchamps
CRM & Social Media Director, TUI France

Context and Challenges

  • Wanted to meet their business needs by increasing campaign revenue and boosting sales for specific offers without adding to the team’s workload.
  • Needed to promote a diverse selection of destinations and vacation offers without over-soliciting customers.
  • Wanted to go beyond basic segmentation methods, based on previous bookings or destination surveys, to find the future bookers for any booking window and offer.
  • Sought to send relevant messages and strategically time campaigns to match client interests and improve customer experience.

Solutions and Use Cases

  • Selected Tinyclues’ campaign intelligence solution to start from any destination/offer and find, within minutes, even those future bookers who haven’t shown any explicit interest.
  • Can now effortlessly find early and late bookers for niche & strategic destinations, best sellers, and last-minute offers.
  • Delivers a positive customer experience with improved message relevancy and intelligent fatigue management.


  • Fast and easy integration: only 4 weeks from signature to first campaigns.
  • With campaign intelligence, TUI France is now able to run highly relevant campaigns, leading to an increase of 106% in campaign revenue as measured by A/B testing against their own targeting techniques.
  • Increased the volume of targeted campaigns by 108%, revenue per email by 156%, and the number of travelers by 97% with the same marketing resources.
  • Unsubscribe rate remained stable with no negative impact on deliverability even with increased campaign volume – proof that the campaigns are personalized & relevant.