Francois Laxalt

Francois Laxalt

VP Product Marketing

Infographic Tinyclues
We love Data

Infographic – Data Science vs. Deep Learning: Will Pat buy FIFA 20 in November?

Deep learning finds the tiny clues among millions of data points, reaching future buyers with outstanding accuracy.

/ 4 April 2019
Campaign Revenue Mistakes to Avoid

Four Mistakes to Avoid in the Hunt for Campaign Revenue

Marketers who are successful in maximizing revenue recruit only the most effective tools and processes to support profitability. Here are our top four mistakes in the hunt for additional campaign revenue.

/ 28 February 2019
Marketing AI Infographic
We love Data

Infographic – Data Science VS Deep Learning: Will Tim Go to Mumbai in Business Class Next Month?

Deep learning finds the tiny clues among millions of data points, reaching future buyers with outstanding accuracy.

/ 14 February 2019
Video Hostelworld and Tinyclues

Video: Hostelworld’s Global Head of Customer Experience on Promoting Strategic Products and Driving Campaign Revenue & Engagement

Global Head of Customer Experience shares how Hostelworld is driving message relevancy with campaign intelligence and deep learning.

/ 1 October 2018
Video GHA and Tinyclues

Video: GHA’s Head of Marketing and CRM on How They are Driving Booking Revenue & Relevancy with AI

Robin Korman, Head of Marketing and CRM at GHA, shares how they are increasing message relevancy to drive booking revenue, and improve customer engagement.

/ 18 September 2018
Fnac Darty: Marketing Campaign Optimization

VIDEO: Fnac Darty’s Digital Marketing Director on how they are optimizing their CRM campaigns with Tinyclues

David Nedzela, Digital Marketing Director at Fnac Darty, explains how they reinvented their marketing campaigns with Tinyclues.

/ 4 September 2018
Campaign management

VIDEO: BazarChic’s CMDO on how the leading online fashion retailer increased their campaign revenue by 87%

BazarChic discusses how the leading web & mobile-based shopping club grew marketing campaign revenue

/ 29 March 2018

Bringing Deep AI to NRF 2018 Retail’s Big Show

Artificial Intelligence was a focal topic at NRF this year, with Tinyclues among the leaders of the conversation.

/ 26 January 2018
Say No To Segmentation

Using customer segmentation for campaigns can be like playing roulette

Find the right future buyers for your marketing campaigns and improve customer experience by using Tinyclues’ Deep AI solution.

/ 21 December 2017

Artificial Intelligence – A new spark to reignite marketing campaign revenue?

Optimize your campaign agenda with an AI-driven approach to marketing! Generate an increase of +49% campaign revenue with Tinyclues

/ 8 November 2017

Cyrillus’ testimony at Paris Retail Week 2017

Proving the success of AI in marketing, including a 20% increase in CRM campaign revenue.

/ 27 September 2017

How to become ROI focused for your CRM campaigns: trends, innovations and best practices

Become the King (or Queen!) of ROI! Achieve success and improve efficiency with a ROI-focused marketing strategy.

/ 12 July 2017