Artificial Intelligence – A new spark to reignite marketing campaign revenue?

Optimize your campaign agenda with an AI-driven approach to marketing! Increase marketing campaign revenue by +49% with Tinyclues

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November 8, 2017

If you’re a senior marketer, I’ll bet that one of your top priorities today is how to improve campaign revenue. You’ll have already automated your cross-channel campaign management (CCCM) processes. But then, so has everyone else. CCCM platforms are now a necessity, rather than a means to competitive advantage. Whether you use Adobe Campaign, Salesforce ExactTarget, Selligent, Oracle Responsys or SAS, the key features are very similar. Your platform choice does little to help you differentiate from your competitors.

Many of the marketers I talk to say that with customers receiving so many brand communications, response rates have stalled or are even falling.  Knowing that just running more campaigns will simply stress their customer base, rather than deliver increased revenues, some 70% of marketers[1], have decided that improving customer experience is the key to retaining and growing customer engagement.  But how can they do it? Most marketing leaders already say their campaign teams and data scientists are already doing everything they can leveraging their CCCM solution to target campaigns at relevant customers. What more can marketing leaders do? Could it be that Deep Artificial Intelligence (Deep AI) can deliver the smarter communications, better customer experiences and increased campaign revenues everyone’s chasing?

Deep AI campaign optimization – shaking up CCCM, right now!

In my 20 years’ of marketing experience, I’ve seen CCCM platforms mature, moving from offline to online to cross-channel management. I’ve also listened to many marketers complaining that their CCCM provider isn’t innovating enough and that what they need now is better campaign ‘optimization’ more than they need any further advances in campaign ‘management’.  New CCCM developments now typically deliver limited revenue benefit and little in terms of improved customer experience. But I think AI-first marketing solutions are going to shake things up!

I joined Tinyclues early 2017 coming from a leading CCCM solution vendor.  I’ve been amazed at the results Tinyclues Deep AI has delivered to its customers, like Lacoste, Fnac, Club Med,, Cdiscount, Thomas Cook and Voyages-SNCF among many others. These brands are overlaying their existing CCCM processes with Tinyclues’ AI-first capabilities to actually identify the future buyers for any given product or category promoted in a campaign. They’re inserting new AI-driven campaigns into their marketing campaign agendas and scoring new untapped revenue while observing lower opt-outs.

On average, our customers have measured an increase in their CRM campaign revenue of 49% with the range being from 30% to 240% (measured via hundreds of A/B tests, see our ROI Calculator).

Let me give you an example…

115 percent revenue boost for Voyages-sncf

You might have heard of the travel and train company With a revenue above four billion Euros and tens of millions of customers, the company is one of the largest train operators and online travel agencies selling flights, bus trips, car rentals and hotel rooms. I met with them very recently and I guarantee to stun you with the outstanding results being delivered by their AI-fuelled campaigns!

When I met Clémence Bussière,’s Relationship Marketing Director she outlined her key challenges. She said that email marketing campaigns were a key driver of the company’s revenue but were delivering static returns. Content was optimized, deliverability was optimized and targeting was created by a team of data scientists. They’d done all they could to perfect traditional targeting methods and find new ways to send highly relevant messages to engage customers and drive revenue further. Their CCCM agenda was full. Packing in more campaigns using the same targeting techniques would risk causing customer fatigue.

So turned to AI. Today, they use the AI-first marketing platform from Tinyclues to find for each destination and each offer, the customers in their database who will buy. Even customers that have not expressed explicit interests and have not bought anything recently can be successfully identified using Tinyclues’ state-of-the-art multi-layer unsupervised algorithms. doesn’t have to create any targeting rules. The Tinyclues platform tracks the ‘tiny clues’ that infer which customers might be expected to show interest in a destination or an offer. Targets defined, says Bussière, these highly relevant campaigns dovetail into the existing, automated CCCM agenda. Conscious that these messages might cross-over or conflict with existing campaigns, Tinyclues automatically reviews every individual targeted, optimizing the mix of what is sent to whom.

The results are astounding. Bussière explained that enjoyed a 115% increase on revenue across 15 key campaigns as measured by A/B tests (Tinyclues’ targeting versus internal targeting) on equal email volumes. On one especially fruitful promotional campaign, revenue earned was up by 243%; sent emails were 11% lower and opening-rates 157% higher. Each Tinyclues campaign took just minutes to target.

(Re)Ignite your campaign management is only one of the many examples of Tinyclues AI in action within marketing. We have many other customer success stories worth a look. Because Tinyclues has been designed to be AI-first, our customers are reinventing the way they plan and optimize their campaign agenda. And they see a tangible impact on their campaign revenue. As I mentioned earlier, the increase they’ve measured via hundreds of A/B tests ranges from 30% to 240%!

Would you like to know how Tinyclues could reinvent your campaign targeting and planning? You can check by using our new ROI calculator. From what I’ve seen in my months I’ve been at Tinyclues, AI certainly looks to be delivering the brand-new spark needed to reignite marketing campaign revenue!

[1] 2017 survey by Ascend2

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