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Video: GHA’s Head of Marketing and CRM on How They are Driving Booking Revenue & Relevancy with AI

Robin Korman at Global Hotel Alliance shares how they are increasing message relevancy to drive booking revenue, and improve customer engagement with AI.

VP Product Marketing

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September 18, 2018

In this video interview, Robin Korman, Head of Marketing and CRM at Global Hotel Alliance shares how the world’s largest alliance of independent luxury hotel brands is increasing message relevancy to drive booking revenue and improve customer engagement with Tinyclues’ Campaign Intelligence solution.

With $1.5B in revenue, Global Hotel Alliance brings together 500 upscale hotels and resorts in 78 countries, across 35 individual brands and with 12M members in their Discovery loyalty program.

With a diverse and impressive destination catalog, a small marketing team and limited resources, GHA’s main challenge is driving bookings and revenue – not only for the alliance as a whole, but also for each individual brand. They also want to ensure that they are sending relevant communications to each and every member in their loyalty program.

Robin Korman explains why they chose Tinyclues to optimize their campaign targeting and planning, “We came to Tinyclues because we felt there was an opportunity to get smarter about who we send what type of offer to, the frequency in which those customers might want to travel, the kind of offers that would be most appealing, the regions in which they’re most likely to respond, all while making sure that we create a much more personalized approach – thereby increasing engagement, open rates, click through rates, booking and reducing our opt-outs.”

Robin shares in the video how Tinyclues’ AI-first solution outperformed previous targeting methods, allowing them to increase relevancy by matching specific offers, destinations, and brands with the right members.

Since adopting Tinyclues, GHA measured a significant impact on their business:

  • +315% in revenue per email
  • +139% in click rate
  • +94% in conversion rate

Robin comments “We’ve been very pleased with the results; we think it shows that Tinyclues can actually identify and be predictive in terms of who is most likely to respond to an offer – this leads to greater relevancy and lower opt-out rates because you’re providing the kind of offers that members are looking to engage with.”

Watch the video to learn more about how Global Hotel Alliance is driving booking campaign revenue while improving customer experience.

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