Cruiseline uses Tinyclues' AI Campaign Intelligence

Find Your Future Bookers (Without Rocking the Boat)

To find the likely buyers for their entire product catalogue among their 3 million customers, Cruiseline enlisted Tinyclues’ help.

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June 20, 2018

There is a delicate balance that every successful marketing strategy needs to strike: find the line between too much contact with your customers and too little. The stakes are higher for companies that do the bulk of their sales digitally. Get it wrong and you leave money on the table, or worse, disengage potential buyers. So how do you find your future buyers? And how do you find them without repeatedly pinging (and disrupting) your fragile customer universe?

Cruiseline is a travel agency selling cruises in Europe and South America. With €140M in revenue, they are no stranger to running successful marketing campaigns. With that said, they found themselves stuck in a similar spot to many growing companies: an expanding product offer, and a diverse set of customers with different wants, needs, and purchase timelines. Despite sending more emails to reach more of their base, they saw little impact on revenue and a negative impact on customer experience.

“Cruiseline caters to a broad range of travelers, offering a very diverse product catalogue including luxury destinations, exotic expeditions, river cruises, etc. With 3 million customers today, it was time to stop sending the same messages to our entire client base, and start refining our campaign strategy to reflect the diversity of our customers and our catalogue”, says Charles Antoine Souplet, Marketing Director at Cruiseline.

To find the likely buyers for their entire product catalogue among their 3 million customers without “rocking the boat” for the unlikely ones, Cruiseline enlisted Tinyclues’ help. Using campaign intelligence, Cruiseline was able to better align their marketing strategy with their business goals, including promoting low momentum but high value trips that were previously left out of their campaigns.

Already by the first months, Cruiseline experienced:

  • 2-5x more revenue per campaign as measured by dozens of A/B tests
  • a 10x impact on overall campaign revenue
  • a 50% decrease in the number of emails sent
  • far better customer experience and loyalty

It’s easy for high-volume marketers to feel like they’re operating in the dark. Tinyclues takes the gutfeel out of campaign planning and delivers results that become the foundation for a revenue-driving, high-impact marketing strategy.

Read the full story to learn more about how Cruiseline is now sending efficient campaigns for 100% of their product offer and aligning their customer-centric strategy with their business goals.

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