Total Economic Impact of Tinyclues
632% ROI and $82M in additional campaign revenue.
An independent study conducted by Forrester.

Boosting Campaign Revenue and Message Relevancy With Campaign Intelligence


Fashion Retail




Camaïeu is a European leader in ready-to-wear fashion selling 70 million products every year and operating 650 stores across 15 countries. They have over 10 million clients in their database and an annual revenue of €610 million.


  • Campaign Productivity
  • From Email to Store
  • Niche Products
  • Lower Unsubscribes
  • New Product Launch


Campaign revenue
“With Tinyclues, we can now send relevant campaigns for any product in our catalog. Not only did we more than double our campaign revenue, we also now offer a more personalized experience to our clients while decreasing unsubscribes by 62%”
Mayalis Nabolsi
Client Marketing Director

Context and Challenges

  • Camaïeu’s operational CRM strategy results were reaching a plateau. 
  • Needed to increase online and offline campaign revenue all while making sure to offer a personalized experience to their customers.
  • Wanted to improve the visibility of their broad product range and the impression of constantly renewed collections.
  • Sought to break the habit of over-promoting products.
  • Has a small marketing team and limited resources.

Solutions and Use cases

  • Selected Tinyclues’ campaign intelligence solution to extend the reach of their existing campaigns and add targeted AI-driven campaigns to their campaign plan.
  • Can now create brand new highly relevant campaigns to promote new offers (their first lingerie collection), overstocked items, niche items, and strategic products (such as cashmere sweaters).
  • Improved traffic both online and in store.
  • Found they were reactivating their inactive clients (inactive clients account for +35% of their database).
  • Implemented Tinyclues in weeks with no IT intervention.


  • With deep learning, Camaïeu is now able to run highly relevant campaigns, leading to a +216% increase in campaign revenue and a 96% increase in conversion rate as measured by A/B testing vs Camaïeu’s own targeting techniques.
  • Delivered a positive customer experience through personalized and relevant messages with email open rates up by 44%, click rates up by 104% and a 62% decrease in unsubscribes.
  • Increased traffic to the website by 24%.
  • Campaigns are created and targeted in 5 minutes and team productivity is up.