Total Economic Impact of Tinyclues
632% ROI and $82M in additional campaign revenue.
An independent study conducted by Forrester.

Alexandre Viros - CEO of France Billet
(overseeing Fnac Spectacles)

Leading French business finds Tinyclues is just the ticket for improving CRM campaign performance


Fnac Spectacles is the leader in the French ticketing market…

…offering 60,000 events including concerts, theatre, exhibitions, sports and entertainment and covering all channels. Until they started using Tinyclues, they handled their customer base using their business intelligence tool. However, to identify a segment for a specific campaign was onerous and took them several hours.

“We couldn’t use our customer base in a refined way with our traditional targeting methods; we had segments calculated and defined by manual rules and categories such as hip hop lovers” said Alexandre Viros, CEO of France Billet, a subsidiary of Fnac overseeing Fnac Spectacles.

At first the company wasn’t confident they could manage millions of opt-in data via a SaaS solution. “We weren’t used to doing that. In the end, we were very reassured by Tinyclues; transferring data and setting up the solution took only a few weeks,” recalled Viros.

Through Tinyclues, Fnac Spectacles saw an outstanding improvement in the performance of their CRM campaign during the testing phase – including increases in open, click and conversion rates and more.

Profitability and performance indicators of our marketing campaigns have increased by 100%

Viros confirmed: “All of our indicators have improved and we’ve seen a total increase of 100% in our profitability since we’ve been using Tinyclues.”

The ticketing company is now much more precise in their targeting. “For almost any event – even a niche one – we can find the right audience among our customers and propose them relevant content.”

Now they can communicate with their customers more without any negative impact on their overall satisfaction. As a result, an increasing proportion of their revenue comes from CRM, which has a greater margin rate than sales generated by paid traffic.

The marketing team at Fnac Spectacles now handles everything from A to Z. “We don’t need to maintain dozens of segments, but instead create the right target on the fly for each campaign, in just a few minutes, said Viros. “There are so many reasons why we decided to use the Tinyclues SaaS solution for all Fnac Spectacles’ targetings.”

Having seen the benefits, parent company, Fnac, has now followed in the footsteps of Fnac Spectacles and started working with Tinyclues too.


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