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Leading European Fashion Retailer Camaïeu Dresses for Campaign Success with AI

Read how Camaïeu, an omnichannel retailer, increased both online and offline campaign revenue, all while making sure to offer a personalized experience to their customers.

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May 31, 2019

Camaïeu has come a long way since it was founded in 1984. From a small shop in the north of France to a European leader in ready-to-wear fashion, Camaïeu is now operating 650 stores across 15 countries with an annual revenue of $690 million. With Camaïeu’s rise came new challenges that every retailer can relate to: with a large catalog, new products added every month, and limited bandwidth, their campaign strategy only focused on reaching out to their customers with weekly newsletters.

As a result, scaling their campaign strategy became more and more challenging as their CRM results were reaching a plateau. They found that they were often over-promoting the same products and missing out on untapped revenue opportunities from the rest of their catalog. Like any omnichannel retailer, they needed to increase both online and offline campaign revenue, all while making sure to offer a personalized experience to their customers. With this in mind, Camaïeu needed to find ways to overcome these challenges without draining internal resources.

“With Tinyclues, we can now send relevant campaigns for any product in our catalog. Not only have we more than doubled our campaign revenue, but we also now offer a more personalized experience to our clients while decreasing unsubscribes by 62%.”

– Mayalis Nabolsi, Client Marketing Director

Using Tinyclues’ campaign intelligence, Camaïeu is now moving towards a more 1:1 personalized approach. They are creating a slew of brand new AI-led targeted campaigns previously unthinkable alongside their more generic newsletters.

      Promoting strategic products: Shirts, pants, jeans, skirts, coats, you name it! Camaïeu sells thousands of these by the minute, but finding the future buyers for strategic products like their 100% cashmere collection is the real challenge. With Tinyclues, Camaïeu simply input their campaign goals, like promoting this strategic product, and let Tinyclues’ unique deep learning technology do the legwork.

      Shining a spotlight on niche products: Their monthly subscription boxes are a particularly niche product that they would have never developed a campaign for; the reason is simple: creating a blast or RFM-targeted campaign for this particular product would alienate a large part of the database and damage brand experience. With Tinyclues, they’re now able to start from any product and reach out to just the right customers.

      Clearing out overstocked items: Once summer was over, Camaïeu had a stock overflow of summer dresses. They were having a hard time promoting them and were only able to sell them at sale price. Camaïeu is now using Tinyclues to find the future buyers, at any time of the year, for the overstocked items they weren’t able to previously promote.

      Launching new products: Camaïeu, who have built their reputation on everyday essentials, launched their first ever lingerie line with a single goal: maximize campaign revenue. The marketing team sent a first generic campaign to announce the big launch. This allowed Tinyclues’ unique deep learning technology to learn from the “tiny clues” embedded in the first interactions and sales (clicks, opens, purchases, latent features, etc.) in order to target with unparalleled precision and find the future buyers for the follow-up campaigns.

The solution went live in just a few weeks. With Tinyclues on board, Camaïeu is now able to run a raft of new highly relevant campaigns, leading to:

  • Improved productivity, with campaigns targeted in just 5 minutes.
  • Better customer engagement rates with +44% in email open rates, +104% in click rate and -62% in unsubscribe rates.
  • Significant impact and improved traffic both online and in store, with +24% in website traffic.
  • The reactivation of inactive clients (inactive clients account for +35% of their database).
  • +216% increase in campaign revenue and a +96% increase in conversion rate as measured by A/B testing versus Camaïeu’s own targeting techniques.

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