5 Questions for Mathilde Blanc, Customer Success Manager at Tinyclues

What does life entail for a Customer Success Manager at a leading tech company? Read about what to expect when choosing a job in this field.

VP Customer Experience

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October 4, 2016

Mathilde Blanc, Customer Success Manager at Tinyclues, joined the company in 2015 after working as a Project Manager for Nexenture and then as a Senior Account Manager for Ve Interactive. She has a master’s degree in management from ESCG (Grenoble’s Business School) and a master’s degree in information system management from EMSI (Grenoble’s Information System Management School).

In this interview, Mathilde tells us about the different aspects of her job as a Customer Success Manager at Tinyclues. Not yet widely known, this new type of job holds a key role in ensuring the success with new and existing customers. A good Customer Success Manager requires a strong capacity for data analysis, as well as a passion for teaching, and ultimately puts customer satisfaction back at the center of business strategies.

What is your role at Tinyclues?

My role consists of ensuring each customer is as highly satisfied as possible. I do this by guiding them on a day-to-day basis so that they make the best use of our platform. Essentially, I am their primary point of contact for any guidance, questions or issues they may have. This includes the two following aspects:

  1. Explaining how the platform works so they can use it with agility and independence, making the most of the features.
  2. Demonstrating how to use the platform in the most efficient way possible for their business. I also direct them towards the most relevant use cases. Indeed, every client is different, with specific requirements and needs. My job is to take all these variables into account and recommend the most suitable strategy to achieve their objectives.

How does “Customer Success” actually work?

My role covers two phases in a client’s life cycle:  

  1. The first phase is “Adoption”, during which I have weekly, if not daily, contact with the client. This includes onboarding, defining the most relevant use cases and verifying performance to ensure a lasting use of our solution.
  2. During “Autopilot” phase my contact with the client is much less frequent. My role then is to ensure that everything is going well, that the customer is easily and frequently using the platform, and that I share any new best practices.

Do you interact with other teams?

Yes, I work closely with the Operations team and the Product team:

  1. The Operations team and I work together during implementation and the Adoption phase.
  2. As for the Product team, I regularly send them client feedback in order to suggest improvements for our platform. Additionally, I provide them with a true feedback from the ground, allowing them to monitor the market developments and to stay attentive to our clients’ needs.

What does it take to be a successful Customer Success Manager?

One of the most important skills is to be proactive: to ensure clients are making the best use of our solution within their business context. “No news” does not necessarily mean “good news”. I would add – and this could be the most important thing – that it is essential to have good teaching skills. Knowing our platform better than anyone else is key, but more important is to adapt your teaching approach to suit each of our clients’ businesses. We’re not only speaking in terms of the platform’s features but also in terms of a support approach that suits the campaign strategy and each of our clients’ business objectives.

Furthermore, it’s important to be able to evolve and adapt. The technological landscape is constantly changing and we want our clients to always see us at the top of our game.

What is your guiding principle at Tinyclues?

Each client is unique. Therefore I spend a lot of time familiarizing myself with their CRM stakes, their commercial activity, their priorities and their goals. This means I am able to provide the best advice and to help them generate maximum value from their usage of Tinyclues.

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