Développez votre Marketing CRM Webinar

Webinar: Step up your CRM Marketing

Step up your CRM marketing with 10 new Tinyclues features & 20 additional updates.

Time to read38 min watch
November 4, 2020

Don’t know Tinyclues yet?
This webinar is the perfect occasion for you to understand how Tinyclues can help you get your CRM marketing to the next level.

Are you a long-time user of the solution?
Find out more about the latest updates and functionalities added to Tinyclues over the last few months.

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You’ll discover:

  • Our new tools to better organize your campaign plan and keep it flexible for last-minute requests.
  • How you can easily anticipate how effective each topic will be and detect gaps in your CRM marketing plan.
  • How to optimize the number of messages your customers receive and send them truly relevant offers.
  • How to connect Tinyclues to other solutions in your marketing stack.

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