Evaluating AI marketing solution a playbook from retail dive

Marketing solutions promise personalization, efficiency, and ROI through AI.
Marketers have the challenge of sorting through the jargon to find the best complementary technology for their strategy, customers, and needs.

How do you cut through the noise and find the best AI solutions for retail?

Download Retail Dive’s free playbook titled ‘Evaluating AI Marketing Solutions: 5 Qualifying Questions‘, to learn about:

  • The drivers and challenges around traditional personalization
  • The state of email marketing
  • How to bridge the gap with AI
  • How to identify and evaluate AI partners with five questions and proof points

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Digital Marketing Director
Major retailer

“Tinyclues has changed the way we think about customer marketing. Before, we had a traditional, ‘one-to-many’ approach. Now, we are at ‘one-to-few’ and tomorrow we will be ‘one-to-one’. That’s a real game changer. We know that one of the keys for success in retail is personalization, and Tinyclues helps us in this journey.”