Total Economic Impact of Tinyclues
632% ROI and $82M in additional campaign revenue.
An independent study conducted by Forrester.

Marketing Campaigns
Without Limits.

No matter how ambitious your marketing goals may be.
With Tinyclues, it's easy to plan for success.

  • Create campaigns aligned with your business needs
  • Achieve truly relevant messages for personalization at scale
  • Outperform your campaign revenue targets
  • Increase customer engagement & loyalty
  • Increase reactivation, repeat purchase, cross-sell & LTV
  • Spend less time targeting and more time on strategy

Unlocked campaign potential, happier customers, and happier marketers.

Tinyclues is the first and only solution to leverage deep learning to augment marketer capabilities. The results are game-changing.

Unlocked campaign potential.

+79% in campaign revenue

The Tinyclues Customer Marketing solution has been shown to outperform segmentation and scoring approaches by an average of +79% in omnichannel campaign revenue. Marketers (like you) can identify on-the-spot the likely buyers for any offer, increasing demand and conversions.

Tinyclues’ deep learning finds the ‘tiny clues’ predicting who’s going to buy your products in the days following each campaign – so you can be sure that your efforts will reach even more buyers, create more revenue, and limit customer fatigue.

The Challenge
Sell strategic products

Lacoste sells one polo every second, worldwide. That’s not the problem. Finding likely buyers for its new strategic products, like handbags—that’s the real challenge. Targeting previous handbag buyers is too narrow, and a blast campaign would damage the brand.

The Results
+151% in campaign revenue

With Tinyclues, Lacoste simply inputs their business needs for strategic products, like handbags. They added two Tinyclues-targeted campaigns per week, resulting in an increase of +151% in campaign revenue and a significant decrease in unsubscribes.

Happier customers.

+51% in customer engagement
-19% in unsubscribes

89% of marketers say they are personalizing the messages they send. But only 5% of consumers say email offers are well-timed with their needs. Tinyclues is helping to bridge that gap by sending only highly relevant messages, making your customers happier. Across all channels.

With Tinyclues, your customers are finally receiving messages they care about. Among Tinyclues’ clients, higher relevance has on average decreased unsubscribe rates by -19%, increased engagement by +51% and boosted deliverability.

When your customers are happy, they are more loyal, more active and buy more!

The Challenge
Make customers happy
right now is a European leisure & travel leader with $5B in revenue. They have 14 million customers across five countries, a team of data scientists and send dozens of campaigns per week. But their campaign revenue hit a plateau. The reason? Most campaigns they were sending were not relevant enough as they were relying on past-behavior and score-based targeting.

The Results
-50% in unsubscribes

With Tinyclues,  launches highly relevant campaigns that focus on likely buyers for specific offers and destinations. Each campaign is more efficient and each customer is happier—because they are finally seeing travel ideas they truly care about.

The results? Unsubscribes dropped by -50%. The company’s marketers are happier too, with an increase of +115% in email campaign revenue while send volumes dropped by -35%. Push campaign revenues increased by +49% and Facebook display ads revenue by +60%.

Tinyclues has helped us reinvent and optimize marketing campaign orchestration while boosting revenue and customer engagement.
Clémence Frotiée Bussière, Relationship Marketing Director,

Happier marketers.

100% of catalog targeted
3 min to create a campaign

With Tinyclues doing the legwork, marketers get a considerable amount of time and brain power back. And that lets you prioritize the big picture – like being more creative, fine-tuning your strategy and crushing your most ambitious goals.

With a core deep learning technology and an AI-first user interface, Tinyclues eliminates campaign guesswork and micro-management. It only takes a few minutes to optimize and automate smarter campaigns to fit any combination of product, timing, and strategy. Whatever your campaign goal, the products you want to promote -even down to SKU level-, it’s easy to put your strategy in action.

The Challenge
From campaign micro-management to strategy

Fnac Darty is a leading European omnichannel retailer in household appliances, electronics and entertainment products, with a turnover of $8.6B, 720 stores in 11 countries, and a loyal customer base of 36 million enthusiasts.

Their marketing hurdle was a labor-intensive campaign targeting and optimization process that took valuable time away from the marketing team. For a company that sends 1500 campaigns and billions of messages per year across many channels, simplifying the campaign process has had a huge impact.

The Results
1500 campaigns optimized annually

With Tinyclues, the marketing team is more productive and happier than ever. “Now, it takes only 3 minutes to create a campaign and 30 minutes to optimize our monthly campaign plan across more than 100 campaigns”. The number of highly targeted campaigns has increased, while Tinyclues optimizes the campaign plan and customer fatigue.

Fnac Darty increased by +30% email campaign revenue compared to previous methods. Taking into account direct mail and catalog campaigns, they generated millions per year in additional revenue. 

The time saved has allowed them to focus on bigger-picture goals.

Tinyclues is at the heart of our CRM, enabling my team to target and optimize more than 1500 campaigns, driving millions of revenue per year. It has a big impact on our strategy and our revenue.
David Nedzela, Digital Marketing Director, Fnac Darty

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