Predictive marketing made easy

Presume no rules, learn them from your customers.

more revenue, less churn, better control


Spectacular Impact

Our clients have witnessed uplifts above +30%. Insanely above +30%.


Badass Technology

World-class machine learning algorithms, by a world-class engineering team.


As easy as 1-2-3

No software to install. No math to learn. Our solution is designed for marketers.

Beyond segmentations & pre-established rules


Find out the real patterns

Nice, but how does it work?

People are complicated. They don't conform to stereotypes. They buy different things at different moments for different reasons. They hate feeling retargeted and do not view themselves as part of a marketing segment. tinyclues is about more than simple rules and direct causation. We have created algorithms that leverage the native relational structure of your complete dataset. We understand trends, styles, affinities, and all sorts of patterns. Our insights are learnt from a multi-faceted view of every user, every product, every action. All this technology is packaged into a simple web-based solution that brings predictive superpowers to your day-to-day marketing operations.


Your data

User data, purchase history, tracking logs, search, social, mobile... Our cloud infrastructure will ingest it all. Smoothly & securely.


We connect the dots

Users, products, places, moments, actions. All of them related, in lots of different ways. So many tiny clues, low-frequency patterns detected by our algorithms.


The big picture

Combined, these patterns tell us what is going on. Who likes what. What will happen next. This global vision powers our CRM apps.

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