Promote anything you want, without annoying your customers

As an E-commerce marketer, you have so much to tell your customers about: cool new stuff, blockbusters, niche products, trends, special deals... tinyclues enables you to find the right audience for each message. Launch all the campaigns you want, while always staying relevant.

The time has come to cash in on all your marketing opportunities. tinyclues is ridiculously easy to use and is compatible with your existing marketing software.

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Let go of all your marketing inhibitions…


Supercharge your newsletter program
without compromising customer experience 
and lifetime value


Push targeted notifications to your mobile users
but only when it’s relevant


Promote expensive & high-margin items

and things you never dared to advertise


Expand the reach of your Facebook Custom Audience campaigns
without having to increase CPCs


Re-engage inactive customers
but only when it’s worth it


Enable trade-marketing programs with
 high-performance metrics

without worrying if the next campaign is "one too many"

Nice, but how does it work?

People are complicated. They don't conform to stereotypes. They buy different things at different moments for different reasons. And they hate feeling retargeted. That’s why tinyclues is about more than simple rules and direct causation. And why we do not put people into boxes. We use unsupervised machine-learning to leverage the full complexity of your dataset and create a multi-faceted view of every user, every product, every action. We understand trends, styles, affinities, and all sorts of implicit patterns. All this technology is packaged in a simple SaaS solution designed for marketers.


Your data

User data, purchase history, tracking logs, search, social, mobile... Our cloud infrastructure will ingest it all. Smoothly & securely.


We connect the dots

Users, products, places, moments, actions. All of them related, in lots of different ways. So many tiny clues, low-frequency patterns detected by our algorithms.


The big picture

Combined, these patterns tell us what is going on. Who likes what. What will happen next. And whom to contact for your next campaign.

Already helping dozens of major e-commerce websites grow the revenue of their marketing programs





quote tinyclues allows us to considerably increase the click rates and the conversion rates of our campaigns. Easily and quickly. We now deliver +30% in incremental revenue on A/B tested campaigns. quote

Ghadi Hobeika - FNAC - Digital & CRM Marketing Director

Our SaaS solution is compatible with your marketing software


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