Total Economic Impact of Tinyclues
632% ROI and $82M in additional campaign revenue.
An independent study conducted by Forrester.

Customer Marketing,
Enlightened by Deep Learning

The first and only company to apply deep learning—the most advanced and powerful type of AI—to first-party marketing databases, so you can unlock your campaign potential.

Tinyclues’ deep learning uncovers valuable and actionable connections – the “tiny clues” – within your billions of data points, identifying the optimal audience for each campaign. The solution identifies instantly and intelligently who are your likely buyers and how to optimize your campaign plan.

Tinyclues’ technology learns the specifics of your business
from your raw marketing data.

There’s no need to clean or format your first-party data or create pre-defined business rules. It upholds your privacy standards by operating with anonymized and hashed data.

The benefits of Tinyclues’ deep learning

  • Performance: unrivalled identification of your likely buyers
  • Strategy: instantly works for any product, even very niche ones
  • Integrity: data isn't forced into a biased structure, so the true patterns can appear
  • Fast Impact: fast implementation, short learning curve. Setup a campaign in just 5 clicks
  • Simplicity: deep learning loves raw data. No need to clean, format or map to product catalog
  • Privacy by Design: deep learning just needs anonymized, hashed data

Our AI isn’t added on.
Tinyclues is AI-first.

Tinyclues is “AI-first”— it’s designed with AI at its core, rather than having it bolted on at the end. As an AI-first product, the solution relies on a handful of business-centric features, while under the hood, the hard-core deep learning technology does all the legwork for you. So it truly does what AI is supposed to do: make life easier.

That means a simple, streamlined campaign experience that’s far more intuitive than the bulky interfaces often found in products where AI is an add-on. Tinyclues offers you a new and unique AI-first experience where you can build the best action plan on the spot, directly from your campaign ideas and goals.

It only takes a few weeks to implement. 3 minutes to create a campaign. And 30 minutes to optimize your weekly plan.

So you have more time to do what you do best: being creative, defining strategy, and reaching business goals.

Tinyclues’ deep learning is providing a
unique campaign experience for marketers

Tinyclues’ deep learning at work:
A suitcase purchase is a suitcase purchase, right?

Tinyclues looks deeper to automatically understand the rationale behind each purchase and guide you to an optimal campaign strategy.

Is Joe a luggage-lover?

A few weeks ago, a middle-aged guy named Joe bought a suitcase online for $115.

Should he automatically belong to the “luggage lovers” segment?
Or to the frequent traveler segment?

Truth is that you don’t know.

What Tinyclues Knows

The unsupervised multi-layer deep learning technology learns from large-scale patterns in the retailer’s database. Without even knowing what’s a suitcase, the engine automatically creates explicit and implicit “latent features”, high-level representations of the essence of this particular purchase.

With no need for any business or product knowledge, the latent features automatically show that:

A. It’s luggage, it’s for long distance and it’s cabin-sized.
B. This purchase shares a same latent feature with glitter pens and a unicorn-shaped travel pillow! Tinyclues’ deep learning autonomously discovered that Joe didn’t just buy a cabin-sized suitcase for air travel – he bought a cabin-sized suitcase that is hot pink in color and decorated with cartoon kittens.

That hot pink cabin-sized kitten-print luggage

Joe happens to have a 10 year old daughter – and now, Tinyclues knows to target him in campaigns that you wouldn’t typically send a 40 year old man… like that personalized purple polka dotted duffle bag promotion.

Some technology is so cutting edge, you have to see it to believe it