Total Economic Impact of Tinyclues
632% ROI and $82M in additional campaign revenue.
An independent study conducted by Forrester.

Finding a new and improved connection with customers






Since its creation in 1999, CDON has been a pioneer in Nordic e-commerce and is now the leading online marketplace in the Nordics. It’s the most recognized e-commerce brand in Sweden, with 100 million visitors each year and a catalog that includes everything from consumer electronics, to sport and leisure articles, clothing, shoes, home furnishings and toys.


  • Campaign Productivity
  • Niche Products
  • Launch new products
  • Better Customer Engagement

Campaign Revenue
Tinyclues is perfectly aligned with CDON's mission to be as relevant as possible, and to provide and present products that are really a good fit for our customers’ needs.
Henrik Jarl
Chief Marketing Officer

Context & Challenges

  • Struggled to move away from a CRM strategy guided by batch and blast mailings, and in-house segmentation on Responsys based on broad product categories and past customer behavior (purchase history, visits, etc).
  • Needed to increase their marketing relevance and improve the presentation of products to fit their customers’ needs. 
  • Sought to achieve critical business objectives, such as driving cross-category and cross-brand sales, and meeting demands from internal stakeholders (sales teams, category managers).

Solutions and Use Cases

  • Selected Tinyclues’ Customer Analytics solution to better connect with customers. 
  • Scaled their campaign plan, adding 6 more product-level campaigns to their weekly schedule, activating only the most pertinent audiences for any given offer. 
  • Were able to successfully launch new products and generate customer demand for these specific products as soon as they hit the shelves.
  • With Tinyclues’ Audience Mapper, they can now find inspiration for new campaign topics, increase cross-sell opportunities and diversify weekly topics.
  • Reinvented the way they work around campaigns and adapted to fit local needs, allowing them to orchestrate more than 70 campaigns per month in 4 languages.


  • With better customer reach and scaled campaign plans, the number of buyers has increased by 31% and revenue is up by 43%, as measured by A/B testing vs CDON’s own in-house targeting techniques.
  • Stronger customer engagement through personalized and relevant messages led to an increase of 102% in open rates and 85% in click rates. 
  • Since adopting Tinyclues, CDON’s team of two CRM managers find it much easier to respond to the sales team on requests for specific campaigns (excess inventory, high-margin items, strategic priorities).
  • Campaigns are created and targeted in 5 minutes and team productivity is up.