Total Economic Impact of Tinyclues
632% ROI and $82M in additional campaign revenue.
An independent study conducted by Forrester.



Travel & Hospitality


Air France


Founded in 1933, Air France is the #1 French airline and, together with KLM, one of the largest air carriers by revenue and passengers transported. It operates flights to 195 destinations in 91 countries. Renowned in the aviation industry for its digital innovation, Air France continually adapts to its changing passengers’ expectations and habits by providing exclusive and innovative services and features before, during and after flights. 


  • Campaign Productivity
  • Niche Destinations
  • Customer Experience
Booking Rate on Promoted Destinations (A/B test results in France, post-click attribution)
Tinyclues allowed us to leverage all of our data, going beyond past bookers to find the best audiences for our offers. We’re now able to drive bookings for strategic destinations and products more efficiently, improve campaign time-to-market, and increase revenue with relevance at scale.
Sacha Maniquant
Manager E-acquisition, Email channel, Air France

Context and Challenges

  • Needed to drive bookings for a large and intricate variety of offers.
  • As a premium brand, customer intimacy is their focus and they needed to excel in personalizing every interaction.
  •  Sought to enhance campaign time-to-market and respond to internal company demands while optimizing team productivity.
  • Wanted to revamp some targeting methods to increase campaign efficiency for strategic campaigns (cabin and destination offers).

Solutions and Use Cases

  • Selected Tinyclues to enable them to leverage their data to its full extent, go beyond booking history and reach new potential bookers without increasing fatigue.
  • Tinyclues was rolled out to six key markets: France, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, and Brazil.
  • Now able to target more efficiently using a combination of commercial offer dimensions: cabin (La Première, Business, Premium Economy, Economy), destination (airport, country), travel period (early bookings, flash sales, last minute offers) and more.


  •  Highly targeted campaigns led to an increase in campaign revenue by 107% and global conversion by 122%, as measured by A/B tests in the French market.  
  • Click rate surged by 33% and customer satisfaction score on email relevance increased by 20% as a result of hyper-personalized campaigns.
  • Provided more autonomy for the team to manage targeting and planning strategy for destination and product campaigns using a simple, intuitive solution.
  • Enhanced campaign time-to-market.