Total Economic Impact of Tinyclues
632% ROI and $82M in additional campaign revenue.
An independent study conducted by Forrester.

Ines Hani - Head of Marketing Southern Europe

Vestiaire Collective is the leading fashion social shopping site for curated pre-owned premium and luxury products.

What led you to consider using Tinyclues to increase the performance of Vestiaire Collective’s CRM campaigns?

We had heard about Tinyclues thanks to our CEO who knew the results obtained by leading French e-commerce websites. At that time, we had begun to brainstorm internally on the optimization of our marketing campaigns.

What was your emailing strategy before using Tinyclues?

We had built our segmentation around 3 criteria (visit frequency for, social actions made by the customer, newsletters opens) and we were putting a different marketing pressure for our “active” and “inactive” customers.

How did the solution proposed by Tinyclues allow you to increase your emailing campaign performance?

Thanks to Tinyclues, we have put the actual products back at the heart of our strategy. As promised, the algorithms detect the specific desire of each customer (favorite brands and categories), independently from his activity level: targeted campaigns via Tinyclues have reached many customers we previously considered as inactive.
By taking into account the complexity of each customer and no longer putting them in boxes, we reactivated more than several tens of thousands of customers. As a result, we were able to generate more revenue via our CRM system while maintaining the same marketing pressure.

By taking into account the complexity of each customer and no longer putting them into boxes, tens of thousands of them were reactivated.

What level of growth are we talking about?

Thanks to Tinyclues we split most of our newsletters into targeted campaigns, increasing our RPM by 60% and decreasing our unsubscribe rate by 33% during just the first semester of 2015.

Did you have any concerns before putting in place the solution proposed by Tinyclues?

The only fear we had was that Tinyclues might not be adapted to our website since we do not have any stock (all our references are unique since Vestiaire Collective is a marketplace) and that we prefer highlighting strong and aspirational editorial content.

This fear turned out to be inconsequential because we were able to communicate on thematics and brands instead of unique SKUs.

Had you tested the Tinyclues targeting solution before using it in a broader context?

We implemented an A/B test phase at the end of 2014 in order to evaluate Tinyclues targeting performance, always at equal volumes. The results were beyond what we were hoping for: a significant increase in our conversion rate and a significant decrease in our unsubscribe rate.

Splitting most of their newsletters into targeted campaigns increased Vestiaire Collective’s RPM by 60%

Examples of campaigns sent out during an A/B test phase at the end of 2014

“Subtils Duos – Associez sacs et chaussures”

Sent date : November 12, 2014


  • Open rate multiplied by 2.4
  • Click rate multiplied by 4
  • Purchase rate multiplied by 4.8
  • Ratio ‘number of purchases’ / ‘number of unsubscribes’ multiplied by 5

“Cette semaine, les sacs Jerome DREYFUSS et les nouveautés We Love”

Sent date: November 26, 2014


  • Open rate multiplied by 2.4
  • Click rate multiplied by 3.4
  • Purchase rate multiplied by 6
  • Ratio number of purchases / number of unsubscribes multiplied by 5

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