Total Economic Impact of Tinyclues
632% ROI and $82M in additional campaign revenue.
An independent study conducted by Forrester.

Augmented Customer Marketing.
Happier Marketers.

Tinyclues empowers marketers to easily define the best topics, audiences and plan for their campaigns.

Customer-first campaigns, for business-first results.
Powered by AI.

Because AI is at its core, the solution is streamlined: there’s no bulky interface, no complex rules to input, no more campaign micromanaging. Deliver relevant messages to likely buyers, for maximum returns

  • Happier customers
  • Dramatic boost in revenue
  • Happier marketers
Discover products with the highest revenue potential.
Find the likely buyers for any product like strategic categories and best sellers.
Optimize your campaign plan across channels.

Tinyclues solves the toughest marketing problems. This is how.

Unmatched Targeting

Find the likely buyers for every campaign — even niche ones.

Tinyclues goes to work finding likely buyers for the parameters you set: pick any product or category to define your campaign. You can even pick the channel. Your audience is ready in minutes, and you can then execute your campaign the same way you always would.

Total Control

AI-Augmented insights. Marketer’s decisions.

You define your goals, and Tinyclues gets you there. The solution is an expert on what your customers want.

It not only continually learns, but also shares this knowledge with you – for each campaign you get a detailed profile (sociographics, RFM, etc.) of those who are going to buy your products.

You have control over the expected reach of your campaigns, their efficiency and your marketing fatigue objectives across campaigns.

Campaigns beyond segmentation & automation

Take the guesswork out of campaign topics, audiences and plans.

Tinyclues lets you create brilliantly effective campaign plans, simply by defining your needs. Choose desired reach or performance, and set your strategy based on specific products or topics. Tinyclues builds a fully realized campaign plan, with relevant messages that matter to your customers.

This is relevancy at scale.

The future of personalization depends on targeted campaigns that are directly relevant to your customers. With Tinyclues, your customers are way more engaged because they finally see personalized messages that matter to them.

No segments. No black box.

Once you’re set up, Tinyclues’ deep learning gets right to work. You get complete access to a detailed profile of likely buyers, and a window into the efficiency of Tinyclues’ predictions. You can even adjust campaign volumes to fit your strategy on-the-fly.

Key Capabilities

Prescriptive campaign insights: high potential products & optimal volume
Fatigue management.
Define fatigue rules and let Tinyclues optimize your plan
Short time-to-campaign.
Be up and running in weeks & send your campaigns in minutes
Seamless integration with any ESP or campaign management solution
Privacy by design: anonymized data, secure processing
Omnichannel-ready: email, Facebook, direct mail, call center, push notifications, SMS and more

Seamless & Fast Integration
with your Marketing Ecosystem

Add a layer of intelligence on top of your marketing solutions.
Tinyclues’ AI-first technology seamlessly integrates with the most popular
ESPs and campaign management solutions on the market.
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