State of marketing technology in travel 2019

Skift’s comprehensive report on the role of marketing technology in the travel industry, an assessment of its current state, as well as the roles, outcomes, and next steps martech has to offer the travel industry.

How do you navigate martech in travel to gain maximum competitive edge?

How do travel industry leaders best leverage the technology solutions and approaches available?

72% of Skift respondents said that “martech is critical to their competitive edge,” but significant attention is still needed to bring it to a central, ROI-focused, brand & privacy conscious state.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • An overview of the current state of martech solutions in the travel industry
  • The roles, outcomes, and next steps of martech
  • Actual use cases for airlines, car rentals, cruises, destinations, and hospitality
  • Structural and skill needs for optimal martech execution
  • Vendors and in-house dynamics within martech
  • The artificial intelligence factor
  • Data challenges and regulatory developments

Download this official Skift report to go in depth on all of these subjects and more.

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Julien Lechate-Acquisitions Director
Air France

Without Tinyclues, we would have missed out on more than 50% of our campaign revenue. Tinyclues allowed us to send relevant messages and increase our conversion rate by 82%.”