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A new interface, and a revolution!

Tinyclues Action
Caroline Tailleferd

VP Marketing

March 22, 2017

Welcome to a world where strategic orchestration of marketing agendas, interactive planning, intelligent pressure management and value arbitration is possible. Today, Tinyclues is proud to present the newest edition of their platform that is pushing the boundaries of Artificial Intelligence: Tinyclues Action™.

More than a new interface, Tinyclues Action™ is a revolution that enables marketers to turn their marketing campaign ideas into a structured and effective action plan to engage 100% of their customers.

So, what does this powerful solution encompass? Here are three revolutions made possible with Tinyclues Action™:

Revolution nº1: Orchestrate your marketing agenda

With a brand new interface that provides a smart calendar view of campaigns, Tinyclues Action™ helps build a consistent, high-performance schedule and ensures that every customer receives the best combination of messages. These intelligent planning features offer in one glance:

  • An integrated calendar view of your campaign agenda
  • A real-time view of the optimum audience, campaign per campaign
  • A focus on key performance indicators to anticipate your performance

Revolution nº2: Create optimal audiences by intelligently managing volume and customer fatigue

Before Tinyclues, deciding what offer to send to which customer, how often and via which channel was a delicate exercise. This process often combined predefined rules (based on demographics, age, location and/or recent customer activity) with social preconceptions on behaviours and a good deal of marketing intuition. Today, Tinyclues Action’s™ intelligent targeting and pressure management features enable marketers to:

  • Identify the optimal target for each campaign
  • Optimize campaign volumes,  campaign per campaign, and on a global scale
  • Provide real-time recommendations and insights

Marketers can test as many campaign ideas as they want and predict their selling potential on targeted audiences via all channels (email, mobile, Facebook — even print), in order to build a comprehensive marketing agenda.

Revolution nº3: Deploy a global and coherent plan, by arbitrating by the value

Let’s say that in the same week you are planning on sending two campaigns, each based on very different products, for example household appliances and sofa beds. Is that really a good idea? Tinyclues Action™ alerts you if there are overlaps within your targets for each of these two campaigns and provides real-time suggestions to reschedule certain campaigns for greater effect.

With Tinyclues Action™, you don’t need a magic wand; a click is enough!

“Under the hood” you will find state-of-the-art, leading Artificial Intelligence technology which enables marketers to predict, for each customer and each product, the likelihood of buying within the next few days, even without any prior intent. This enables marketers to reach the the most relevant audience for each campaign within their entire marketing agenda.

Artificial Intelligence is good news for marketers because it enables them to be more creative, more agile and more strategic. Most importantly, it enables marketers to take over the strategic control of their marketing agenda, which is a much more powerful and more profitable way of engaging customers.

Don’t wait any longer to participate in the revolution! If you’d like to know more about Tinyclues Action™, read the official press release or contact your Customer Success Manager.

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