Total Economic Impact of Tinyclues
199% ROI and $9M in additional campaign revenue.
An independent study conducted by Forrester.

Introducing Tinyclues’ new ROI calculator; every marketer’s new best friend

Caroline Tailleferd

VP Marketing

October 5, 2017

The most rewarding button you’ll ever click

It may not sound sexy, but Tinyclues’ brand new ROI calculator will get you excited about your potential surge in sales revenue. In just a few clicks, this easy-to-use online tool translates your marketing campaign data into a straightforward ROI simulation. Calculate how much additional annual revenue you could earn using Tinyclues’ AI-driven marketing solution to optimize your CRM campaigns.

Revenue increase for Tinyclues’ clients

Measuring ROI matters…

The challenge of proving return on investment has long been a cross to bear for CMOs and marketing teams, in their quest for credibility and bigger budgets.

Luckily, this dynamic is changing with the rise of digital marketing and the subsequent growth of « tech marketing » budgets. In 2017, CMOs will spend more in marketing tech than CIOs will spend in their own tech (source: Gartner).

Despite this evolution, marketers at many companies are still getting the short end of the stick when it comes to recognition and budget allocation. Recent studies indicate that the vast majority of CEOs still do not trust their CMOs to deliver concrete, measurable results.

As this culture continues to shift, an ROI approach is key to devising and defending successful marketing campaigns.

…and now it’s at your fingertips

Here’s where Tinyclues’ ROI calculator comes in. Just plug in your current marketing parameters, press calculate, and voilà! Tinyclues produces a full report that incorporates industry averages and benchmarks, featuring easy-to-read graphics that show you just how much you stand to gain by using Tinyclues for your CRM strategy. Once the initial report has been generated, you can personalize your simulation by adjusting the different campaign parameters to see how revenues are impacted.

An invaluable tool for demonstrating concrete results, our ROI calculator will help you sell your CRM campaign, so that you can get on with the business of selling. 

The proof is in the pie chart

…or the bubble graph. We don’t just pull these figures out of a hat. Tinyclues’ ROI calculations are based on concrete client results. Simulations take into account hundreds of A/B tests for clients across different industries, measuring the extra revenue that can be generated with Tinyclues.

Note: only a subset of our clients are represented on this graph

By using Tinyclues’ solution for their CRM campaigns, our clients have seen sales revenue increases ranging from 30% to 250%, with an average increase of 49% in their total CRM campaign revenue. Results vary by industry, but for example, our Travel & Hospitality clients have seen an average increase in revenue of 110%; in other words, double the revenue. Your ROI report will include specific examples of client success stories and the additional revenue Tinyclues has delivered for them. 

ROI: from promise to reality

So you’ve clicked, entered, and received a sneak preview of the additional revenue waiting for you. What now? Take the next step, and add Tinyclues to your campaign process. Our Deep AI technology does the targeting work for you, mining the hidden potential of your customer database, finding the tiny clues that will help optimize your campaign targeting, and taking your marketing agenda to the next level. Tinyclues’ solution is designed to be up, running, and delivering sales impact in just two weeks. With a quick and easy setup, and a simple, intuitive interface, campaign scheduling and audience creation takes just a few clicks and a few minutes.

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