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Trelise Mansfield

30 March 2017

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Topics recently published on the Tinyclues Resource Center include:

Discover the power of data and Artificial Intelligence

Regarded as innovative experts and leaders in Artificial Intelligence in the CRM space, Tinyclues’ monthly newsletter is aimed at enabling marketers to understand and take part in the evolution of their campaigns. The newsletter, adapted to both newbies and experts alike, links marketers to a leading Resource Center full of educational information on the benefits and “how to” of leveraging data science into their CRM.

Want to know how artificial intelligence can help you? Find everything you need to kick-start your learning. Fan of data? Deepen your knowledge by reading expert articles from Tinyclues’ in-house data scientists. Visual representations or step-by-step guides your thing? Check out the vibrant infographics. With the variety of articles, news, documents and infographics available, you too can become an expert in the field!
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