We love Data

Tinyclues Action
We love Data

A new interface, and a revolution!

Revolutionary AI Tinyclues Action™ enables marketers to put their ideas into action.

/ 22 March 2017
Carrière d'ingénieur
We love Data

5 questions for Djamel Zouaoui, VP Engineering at Tinyclues

Do you have a passion for data and a thirst for technology? Discover the skills and experience required to a build successful engineering career.

/ 23 February 2017
marketing data
We love Data

Love lasts three years… What about your marketing data?

What is the lifespan for valuable marketing data? Find out how to make the most of your data over time.

/ 14 February 2017
predictive marketing examples
We love Data

Beyond intuition – Five times data conquered instinct

Take your understanding of predictive marketing & AI further than data and theoretical explanations with these real-life examples.

/ 18 January 2017
Data Scientist
We love Data

6 questions for Artem Kozhevnikov, Lead Data Scientist at Tinyclues

Interested in a career which fuses mathematics, scientific processes, artificial intelligence, programming and coding? Become a Data Scientist!

/ 10 January 2017
We love Data

6 questions for Jess Villiers-Moriamé, Client Operations Engineer at Tinyclues

Interested in a role as a Client Operations Engineer? Discover the required skills, experience and background required for this position.

/ 10 November 2016
We love Data

CRM Campaigns: Going Further than the Unsubscribe Rate

The most common way for marketers to monitor the erosion of their customer database is via the unsubscribe rate. However this rate isn’t always related to performance alone.

/ 5 October 2016
We love Data

Lift Curves, A Statistical Standard

What is a lift curve, how do I use it, and will it revolutionize the life of a marketer?

/ 3 October 2016