Benoit Bouteille

Benoit Bouteille

Customer Success Director

unsubscribe rates

Unsubscribe rates: are they really that low?

While your unsubscribe rate may seem minuscule, how does that impact your customer base in the long run?

/ May 6, 2020
Marketing Heroes
Marketing Heroes

Marketing Heroes Series: Julie Bidault, Customer Marketing Director,

In the second episode of our Marketing Heroes series, we hear from Julie Bidault, Customer Marketing Director at about how she delivers transformational customer experiences and drives impact every day for her company.

/ February 4, 2020
Marketing Heroes

Introducing, Marketing Heroes: A Series of Stories from the Field

Welcome to “Marketing Heroes,” presented by Tinyclues. In this series, you will hear marketing stories from the field from your peers across the globe. Our intention is to highlight the stories of marketers that solve critical business problems, deliver transformational customer experiences, and drive impact every day for their organizations.  For the past 6 years, […]

/ November 15, 2019
Marketing Heroes

Marketing Heroes Series: Jaime Dodd, Senior Analyst Email Marketing, Road Scholar

Welcome to our Marketing Heroes Series. In this series, you will hear marketing stories from the field from your peers across the globe. For the past 6 years, we’ve watched the individuals we work with evolve, grow, and soar. Our clients are at the center of our business and we want to put their stories front […]

/ November 15, 2019
Facebook Custom Audiences
Trends We love Data

How to double your Facebook Display Ad ROI with CRM data and AI

As part of a new blog series on omnichannel strategies, I’d like to  explore just one of these options: leveraging AI-based campaign intelligence to optimize Facebook display ad performance.

/ March 1, 2018

Promoting niche products: from nightmare to sweet dreams

Find potential buyers and increase revenue for those unique, high-margin, niche products with Tinyclues’ AI solution.

/ November 30, 2017

Travel: forget about last season; use AI to target your campaigns this summer

Capitalize during this peak travel period by sending targeted campaigns to summer jetsetters.

/ June 8, 2017

Summer Sales: combine “full base” campaigns with precision targeting to boost your revenue

Increase your revenue and offload any unsold stock during the Summer Sales with a Deep AI targeting solution.

/ June 1, 2017
Valentine's Day marketing

All set to play Cupid this Valentine’s Day?

This Valentine’s Day, harness the power of artificial intelligence and win over the hearts of your customers.

/ January 26, 2017
marketing during sales

Retail Sales and ecommerce: How to Clear ALL of your Old Stock

Stand out from the crowd this sale period by using predictive marketing solutions to successfully target your offers.

/ December 29, 2016
Black Friday

How to Stand Out on Black Friday

Boost your communications strategy and maximize the power of purchasing this Black Friday.

/ November 17, 2016