Benoit Bouteille

Benoit Bouteille

Customer Success Director


Promoting niche products: from nightmare to sweet dreams

Find potential buyers and increase revenue for those unique, high-margin, niche products with Tinyclues’ AI solution.

/ 30 November 2017

Travel: forget about last season; use AI to target your campaigns this summer

Capitalize during this peak travel period by sending targeted campaigns to summer jetsetters.

/ 8 June 2017

Summer Sales: combine “full base” campaigns with precision targeting to boost your revenue

Increase your revenue and offload any unsold stock during the Summer Sales with a Deep AI targeting solution.

/ 1 June 2017
Incremental revenue

Incremental revenue: a marketer’s secret weapon

Put an end to complex attribution models and vague ROI calculations by accurately measuring the incremental revenue from your marketing campaigns.

/ 1 February 2017
Valentine's Day marketing

All set to play Cupid this Valentine’s Day?

This Valentine’s Day, harness the power of artificial intelligence and win over the hearts of your customers.

/ 26 January 2017
marketing during sales

Retail Sales and ecommerce: How to Clear ALL of your Old Stock

Stand out from the crowd this sale period by using predictive marketing solutions to successfully target your offers.

/ 29 December 2016
Black Friday

How to Stand Out on Black Friday

Boost your communications strategy and maximize the power of purchasing this Black Friday.

/ 17 November 2016