Marketing automation doesn’t exist and it can do more harm than good during this crisis

Automation in the Times of Crisis

As we all grapple with what this global crisis means to us, customer sentiment and expectations are changing and marketers will be called upon to deliver new approaches and results to manage through the COVID-19 crisis. And if automation drives scale, brands may risk substantial damage to reputation and relationships, especially in situations like these where market dynamics and context are constantly evolving.

“Real Marketing” is mission-critical, more than ever, to evaluate strategy through the lens of what authentically represents your brand and is most relevant to your customers.

Read this Tinybook to learn more about:

  • How automation has its limits and how you can resonate with customers during and after this crisis 
  • Resetting expectations around customer marketing and its deeper mission
  • How over-relying on automation and triggers can damage brand continuity

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