Travel: forget about last season; use AI to target your campaigns this summer

Customer Experience Director

June 8, 2017

What a hot topic! With your customers booking their summer holidays as we speak, your travel marketing campaigns must hit the target so that you can reach your goals. As the Customer Success Director at Tinyclues and a former Digital Marketing Manager and e-retailer, I wanted to share the best practices for this critical summer travel period. These are practices that I’ve seen go beyond run-of-the-mill targeting techniques (targeting people who travelled to the same place last year). Instead, they very simply use Artificial Intelligence to detect genuine buyers so you can give your bookings and sales a real shot in the arm.

Targeted campaigns: go beyond the “same as last year”!

The delicate art of targeting is even more critical as the summer holidays approach. After all, these holidays make up a huge part of your sales figures. So, how can you capitalize on this peak period? Answer: by making your travel marketing campaigns as effective as possible. That means offering your customers and prospects their dream deals, which in turn  leads to more conversions.

Travel professionals tend to fall back on the same old method when targeting campaigns for a summer destination: they look at the previous summer’s sales for a particular resort. As a result, targets tend to include:

  • people who bought trips to the same resort the year before
  • customers from the database who share some behavioural and/or socio-demographic traits with last year’s buyers.

But that will no longer cut it in today’s hotly contested environment. This method has proven limits and conversion rates no longer meet sales targets. Many of the professionals I worked with thought this was because:

  • Customers regularly change where they travel to
  • External factors can have a huge effect on booking patterns: trends, price fluctuations, the geopolitical climate and the weather. So, last year can have very little bearing on what happens this year
  • Finally, current targetings don’t factor in variations in purchasing dynamics. Someone who buys a holiday five months in advance has a very different profile from a last-minute buyer.

But it’s not too late to add our proven method to your marketing suitcase. Based on Artificial Intelligence, Tinyclues Action™ will help you fly all the way to Successville.

Tinyclues’ Artificial Intelligence enables our travel clients to double their campaign revenue

Tinyclues is changing the targeting game in the travel world by helping marketers harness the power of Deep AI to pinpoint future buyers for your offers.

There are two key reasons that explain the staggering performance of Tinyclues’ campaigns:

  1. Deep AI enables users to go deeper in the data exploration and has a predictive power much greater than traditional methods.
  2. Tinyclues’ solution focuses entirely on the most recent buyers of the deals you want to offer in order to identify lookalike targets.

In the travel industry, this recent-buyer-based methodology helps us stay ahead of the pack. Using Tinyclues’ intuitive interface, our customers can effortlessly create high-performing targeting campaigns that automatically factor in buying cycles.

“The results are often spectacular and, on average, the travel professionals that use Tinyclues have doubled their sales figures from their CRM campaigns (measured via A/B testing dozens of campaigns).” is a prime example of how Tinyclues supports travel professionals. Here’s what the company thought about our solution: doubles its campaign revenue and revamps its marketing agenda chose Tinyclues Action™ to revitalize its campaign strategy. The intuitive interface helps marketers orchestrate their campaigns by identifying the perfect audience for each of them based on volumes and sales pressure, week after week.

According to Clémence Bussière, Relationship Marketing Director at, “Beyond generating a 115% increase in our campaigns’ revenue within the first three months of use, Tinyclues enabled us to reinvent the way we orchestrate our marketing agenda.”

In addition to sending general newsletters, you can now add targeted emails to showcase specific strategic destinations or to ramp up bookings. By adding these extra campaigns into your marketing agenda, you can increase your chances to boost your sales figures during key periods. And I would say don’t just stick to email. Some of our travel customers have run successful campaigns via physical mail, call centres and mobile push notifications!

In an industry with so much competition, Artificial Intelligence offers up new horizons to optimize your communications plan and identify future buyers for your products and offers. But don’t just take it from me, see what Tinyclues’ customers have to say: read about their experiences and success stories!