Big ideas at Tinyworld 2018, Tinyclues’ worldwide user conference

TInyclues' Tinyworld 2018

Customer Experience Director

July 24, 2018

Tinyworld, Tinyclues’ first-ever global user conference, took place July 10th 2018 in a Chateau in the heart of Paris, bringing together more than 150 marketing leaders, key marketing analysts, and campaign experts. The main vision shared throughout the conference was on how AI-first will impact marketers, and the way they create and optimize their campaigns. It was the perfect place to bring our users together with the Tinyclues team to celebrate success, foster advanced usage of our Campaign Intelligence solution and expose attendees to new marketing ideas that can further their results.

The fully-booked sessions were a mix of visionary keynotes, live customer success stories, and hands-on product training sessions.

Tinyclues' Tinyworld 2018

The attendees had the opportunity to listen to leading marketers from Evans/Wallis (Arcadia group), Global Hotel Alliance, Fnac Darty,, Club Med and many more who shared their campaign strategies, results, and staggering successes using the Tinyclues Campaign Intelligence solution.

The central theme of the keynote sessions was the way in which AI transforms marketing and changes the playing field in campaign management. Rusty Warner, Principal Analyst from Forrester, shared his thoughts on how “Tinyclues wants to look ahead to what the right mix of people and technology will be to solve problems that will be widespread for marketers 2-3 years in the future.”  David Bessis, Founder & CEO, captivated the audience by explaining how “marketing campaigns can be both customer-centric & aligned with marketers’ goals.”

Throughout the day, customers shared their experience of using Tinyclues to reinvent the way they orchestrate their marketing campaigns.

  • Fnac Darty highlighted their ability to optimize 1200 campaigns per year, generating +30% in campaign revenue
  • Global Hotel Alliance measured a +94% increase in conversion rate and +315% in revenue per message thanks to the ability to find the future buyers for its hotel packages
  • Evans shared their experience on increasing campaign revenue (+75% revenue per send) and customer experience (-16% unsubscribes)
  • Club Med talked not only about how they leverage Tinyclues to send more relevant emails (+88% revenue per email) but also how they send more efficient call-center and direct mail campaigns (+2 points in conversion rate for direct mail)
  • King Jouet explained how Tinyclues is helping their online and offline convergence strategy while increasing the number of sales by 55% and reactivating 7% of inactives
  • demonstrated how Tinyclues is driving better customer engagement and message relevance across different channels. Impact on email is +115% campaign revenue, on Push campaigns +49% and on Facebook ads +60%.

In one of the most anticipated visionary sessions, Rusty Warner gave an illuminating keynote about the “Future of Cross-Channel Marketing.” He examined how the changing digital landscape could be embraced with “Customer Obsession”, and the right marketing technology. AI factored in heavily as the most complete and multi-dimensional way to close the gap between data and meaningful action for marketing organizations.

Tinyclues' Tinyworld 2018 Forrester

Tinyclues Founder and CEO, David Bessis’ “Roadmap & Vision” session shed light on a major product feature rollout. David outlined “more omnichannel support, more strategic goals for campaigns, more insightful and relevant analytics, and more automation” to come in the following months. All these new capabilities will support Tinyclues’ vision, where AI will do the legwork and marketers finally have the time to focus on strategy and business goals.

Tinyclues continues to grow less and less tiny, and user events like Tinyworld bring us face-to-face with the people whose success fosters our own. Your success is our success, and we couldn’t do it without you!

Looking forward to Tinyworld 2019!